Heather R. - 2023-08-09
I've been having a big problem with motivation and follow through, but I've noticed a really excellent difference with Qualia Mind. My mental recall has improved as well!
Deborah S. - 2023-08-09
my product came so fast--I am so excited about starting on my journey wit Qualia
Tina A. - 2023-08-09
I use it whenever I have important meetings where I need to perform my best. It helps me stay focused, think clearly, quickly, better analyze data, and come up with good ideas.
Lindsey H. - 2023-08-08
I took my first month of this, easy. Didn't feel much different so I am excited to get the second month's supply and hopefully notice improvements
Nury C. - 2023-08-08
Qualia's Senolytic is fantastic. I just started on it and I can already feel a difference, almost instantly!
Max J. - 2023-08-08
This stuff is the cats pajamas!
John Y. - 2023-08-07
Qualia Mind has made me a believer in nootropics! It works!
John Y. - 2023-08-07
This product has made me a believer in nootropics!!!
Bob D. - 2023-08-06
It’s only been a few weeks but overall the products feel of high quality and seem to help with focus, wellbeing, and energy throughout the day. The company seems to care about making the best products they can
Kimberly F. - 2023-08-06
What a great product.
Jill N. - 2023-08-06
My initial reaction is increased energy after the first day.
Andrew R. - 2023-08-05
Highly recommend. Lives up to the hype.
Andrew R. - 2023-08-05
Best nootropic stack for focus, mental sharpness, and memory
Terri C. - 2023-08-05
Although I am just at the beginning of my journey with Qualia, I did extensive research on the blend of ingredients and feel very encouraged that this product will make a huge difference for the quality of my health !
Sonya S. - 2023-08-05
This product really does help me feel relaxed and ready to handle anything. Calm, confident and able to take whatever the day brings. Highly recommend.
Alfred N. - 2023-08-04
Ali R. - 2023-08-04
Perfect neotropics both we drug and cognitive support that you genuinely feel. Takes a few weeks and is pricy but worth it, the company, cognizant of the high price are generous with discounts when they can be. Would recommend to anyone who wants to have their best brain
Cristen D. - 2023-08-04
I am very impressed with my first usage of this product. The enhancement to how I feel overall was subtle, but I noticed my knee pain was less than it had been previously. I’m looking forward to seeing and feeling the effects after six months of sustained usage.
Nic V. - 2023-08-03
I have had trouble sleeping for years now. I had done everything, no caffeine after 2 pm, plenty of exercise, eat dinner 2 hours before bed, no blue light, etc. etc. No matter what I would lay in bed for hours and finally fall asleep only to have to wake up a zombie and do it all over again the next day. Qualia Night has been an absolute game changer. I am able to fall asleep within 20-30 minutes of my head hitting the pillow and I wake up the next day rested and with no drowsiness, as I some...Read more.
Brook B. - 2023-08-03
Feeling great already!
Michelle H. - 2023-08-03
Order was easy to place and came fairly quickly and on time. I have never tried any Qualia products or any senolytics, so the jury is out on that for me still.
Dmitri L. - 2023-08-02
I like Qualia Mind because it gives me drive and energy in the mornings. I do feel the difference when I’m not using it. Regarding the taste, I eventually got used to it, despite it being “fishy” because of some ingredient in it.
Charlie C. - 2023-08-02
I have more energy and sleep better at night. Curious of trying other quality qualia products!
Cody H. - 2023-08-02
I recently got promoted at work, great thing overall, but it has come with a boat load of work. Qualia Focus has helped me complete mountains of documents I needed to in order to get over the hump and start of my new position. Its extremely difficult to stay focused for 8 plus hours a day, but Qualia Focus makes it easy to get bust work done. Great product!
Patsy P. - 2023-08-01
Only two days and I feel so much better.