Matthew K. - 2021-03-02
By far and away the best nootropic I have ever had. Beats everything by some distance. I have had both the energy shot and the mind and for my next order I have added the whole stack (immune & sleep). I am a banker for a living and have tried a lot of different things to help my mind stay sharp. The mind gives you intense focus and the drive to do the things on your list. I feel like I am calm yet clear as I work through my day and even when talking my vocabulary is more diverse and sent...Read more.
Daniel W. - 2021-02-28
Not the typical sleep aid you would normally take a half hour before bed time. This non drowsy formula is formulated to be taken at dinner time to maintain brain health while you sleep when you finally go to bed. Not going to is pricey...but there is real science behind this supplement. I can definitely feel the difference!
Derek B. - 2021-02-26
The product works very well as advertised for me. The price is worth it under the right circumstances. It helps with energy levels, focus, mood, and motivation very well under ideal circumstances. I work somewhat of a chaotic schedule and don’t get enough sleep which does hinder the affects but this is actually another reason to use it! It forces me to get more sleep whenever possible to keep me healthy and operating at 100%. Thank you!
Marie J. - 2021-02-26
Amazing product!!
molli m. - 2021-02-25
I love this product. I love that is a liquid, too. It gets right in, first thing and I feel I have good clean energy for the rest of the day, I feel clearer and also ready to exercise. I do not drink caffeine, I don't like the way it makes me feel....but this I love!
Joshua P. - 2021-02-24
Definitely felt like my brain and mind was on another level!
Edwardo L. - 2021-02-23
I have felt the benefits of this product. It’s truly the cognitive performance booster that I think the majority of us looking for. I am incredibly satisfied with this product, and I highly recommend you try it out!!
Raymond L. - 2021-02-22
I did not get any sicknesses while taking it, but I also did not "feel" any different. Maybe it kept me from getting sick.
Greg T. - 2021-02-22
First time I've woken up feeling rested in 12 years. It promotes actual sleep, not sedation. Qualia is an accurate name, it's a quality product that creates quality sleep.
Dakota L. - 2021-02-21
First day I took a nap in the afternoon for the first time in years. I felt calm focused and peaceful. It was unexpected but i enjoy’d it. The 2nd-5th day went as follows id take the energy in am 2-3 hours of get stuff done focus and energy no jitters (I always took it after breakfast) then id be more interested in my work than usual the rest of the day and probably 30% increase in efficiency and production. I also slept well.
CAROL L. - 2021-02-19
I love the product and the company. Customer service is beyond helpful and quick to respond. I feel I have more energy steady throughout my day, rather than wanting to take a nap in the afternoon.
Justin W. - 2021-02-19
As of around 3 weeks ive experienced noice increase in attention energy levels , will let you know more once I recieve and use second bottle
Brad B. - 2021-02-19
Convenient alternative to coffee without the jitters.
Irwin M. - 2021-02-18
I have tried numerous products throughout the years claiming this and that. Qualia DELIVERS! My life has gotten noticeably better since using this product. Highly recommend
Matt M. - 2021-02-16
I was feeling that I had lost a step mentally after many years of abuse as a wildland firefighter and the poor diet that may accompany it. Already feeling sharper after a couple weeks, and not procrastinating my admin duties. Also have been able to cut back on coffee consumption with little effort, but maybe some afternoon headaches. Seems to be giving me an edge that I'd like to maintain.
William V. - 2021-02-14
A superbly made Immune formula. No overt effects, but no ill effects either. I imagine it's working very well.
Doug W. - 2021-02-14
This is a good product, it is just not for me. The strength of the product is too high for me. It seems to be designed as an energy supplement. I can't do energy drinks at all. The nootropic would be strong enough without the caffeine. It is great for workouts and other things requiring physical movement.
Jorge P. - 2021-02-13
It was the perfect amount of energy to focus on mental and physical tasks. No crash afterwards. I loved it.
Robert K. - 2021-02-12
It definitely helped lift my brain fog and provide energy for the entire day. My wife noticed that I had not yawned, which is something she sees me do often. The flavor could use some work, but I am not sure anything can be done about that.
Carlos C. - 2021-02-12
Felt better in every aspect the whole week
Rudolph P. - 2021-02-12
I am currently training to become a wild land firefighter and have a lot of information I am challenged to retain. I have been taking Qualia for a month now and I have to admit that it does the trick, Im able to focus when it comes to sitting in front of a computer studying (I am more of a active / moving around type of guy, my mind is all over the place when stationary), I usually turn to coffee or an energy drink to keep me focused but Qualia has been a healthier alternative. It’s also a go...Read more.
Michelle M. - 2021-02-12
I felt a difference in my energy, mood and overall well being the first day I took Eternus. I love this product and sad the beta test was over. Highly recommend.
Kyle B. - 2021-02-12
Using this product absolutely increased my overall motivation, energy, cognition, focus, as well as bringing more positive outlook and joy to all I’m engaged with!
Gavin C. - 2021-02-12
At first jittery, but after further use it gave me prolong periods of energy with enhanced cognitive functions. I am a jiu jitsu competitor and used this product before training. I’ve noticed during training that my problem solving abilities were better and was able to connect techniques and concepts fairly easily.
Nicholas G. - 2021-02-12
Steady energy and focus. None of the lows mid-day, kept me going on projects where I would typically be burnt out on in a few hours.