Brian M. - 2021-12-29
Love mind. Use it first thing in the morning for my workdays really helps me focus great memory and drive throughout the day can’t say enough about it
Sky T. - 2021-12-28
While this product does wonders for my sleep, the primary reason I use it is because it supports my meditation practice. I live at a monastery, so meditation is my vocation, and I do it every night. If I take Qualia Night an hour prior to the start of my evening sit, the factors of tranquility and equanimity are much stronger. It's surprising just how much it helps. For Meditation nerds like me, this means that Insight/Vipassana practices are a made easier using this product.
Jonathan U. - 2021-12-27
It's been a subtle change over the last few months, but lately I see long distance with more clarity, and I've had way less dry eye. As someone with astigmatism who works in front of a monitor all day, I also love how this is giving me long-term support against the effects of aging on my eyes!
Laura H. - 2021-12-27
I appreciate this product. I think it has good stuff in it, that helps eye health. Thank you.
Meagan O. - 2021-12-26
I take three a night and I am able to sleep through the night without waking - 7 hours and I am up and refreshed and ready to go!
Daniel M. - 2021-12-25
Love it. Felt it work within a week. Will keep buying.
E A. - 2021-12-25
Since taking Qualia Focus, I've noticed a tremendous difference in my energy towards the tasks I do.
Jean Francis F. - 2021-12-25
Didn't feel anything for the first day. The first week, I didn't feel tired and lasted several hours. I also stacked it with Qualia Focus and I feel alive in the morning. I do this after waking up. They say the first hour of the morning or waking life is important.
Alexander A. - 2021-12-25
Great stuff!
Nelya C. - 2021-12-24
I loving using Mind, I have noticed an improvement in concentration, motivation, and mood. However, I would continuing purchasing it if it were $59 and not $139.
Christian M. - 2021-12-24
Qualia Life is really living up to its name because it has put the life right back into me!
Ramadaan H. - 2021-12-23
Amazing, I haven’t had this much clarity in a decade!
Russ B. - 2021-12-23
I feel the effect kick in within 30 mins, my sleep has tremendously improved and I am able to achieve deep sleep consistently, even on my off days. Highly recommend!
Michael W. - 2021-12-23
This product was game changing for me!
mofolorunso o. - 2021-12-23
I love Qualia Mind. I take it on days I need to focus and bring my”A” game
Adam P. - 2021-12-22
This supplement has helped me manage my small business. It has provided mental clarity and have noticed my ability to problem solve has improved.
Randi M. - 2021-12-22
I have felt more energy and have also felt more clear headed. I prefer the days when I take Qualia Mind.
Christopher M. - 2021-12-21
Qualia Night is an amazing night time supplement that delivers unprecedented deep sleep. It is not your usual 30 minutes before bedtime supplement, take it with your dinner and enjoy quality restorative sleep night after night. No drowsiness or grogginess, just good deep sleep.
Benjamin K. - 2021-12-21
I highly recommend this product! I have consistently in my life dealt with brain fog and a lack of concentration, especially in the mornings. This product has no joke changed my life in terms of my productivity at work and home. Once I take my AM pills it can literally feel my brain starting to engage more and simple thought processes becoming much more clear and simple. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Tyrell J. - 2021-12-21
I've been taking qualia for few months and I've notice an increase in memory and focus. More so memory and clarity of thought. Its expensive but its a great product.
Cherie T. - 2021-12-20
I noticed an understated sharpness. There was no rush of adrenaline. I just felt alert. I was eager to get work done.
Mary B. - 2021-12-20
Nootropic Energy gives me the focus alertness the drive that I need to think to perform at the highest level! As before I tried the Nootropic Energy my energy level was low even with taking other supplements for energy
David M. - 2021-12-19
This nootropic supplement provides mental clarity, focus, and energy to complete your cognitive tasks with all of your mental faculties and abilities.
Erica C. - 2021-12-17
I’ve been taking the Qualia Mind caffeine free for a few weeks and definitely notice the difference. I feel more focused, which in turn, makes me feel more motivated to get more work done. This stuff is expensive but totally worth it. Plus, I usually take only 4-5 capsules instead of the recommended 7 capsules.
Adrese H. - 2021-12-17
I love the way these make me fee. I’m in college and these really help me focus and remember everything. I just wish that the dosage wasn’t to take 7. 1 or 2 would be better. However, they make me feel amazing!