Ike O. - 2023-01-07
Since I started using Qualia products I have notice the enhancement of my energy, my focus and even my sleep that i use to track on my Oura ring, i have nothing but good to say for this brand, keep up the elite work.
Kyle G. - 2023-01-07
Delivery time was unbelievable, super pleased. Woke up today with pure excitement to start this supplement and regain some focus!
Dean K. - 2023-01-06
This is a good product!
Paige P. - 2023-01-06
So beyond relieved to find a product to assist me in combating my adhd symptoms without the use of stimulants!
Marcus D. - 2023-01-06
Been using for a month now and I am still satisfied with the results. Sustained focus that lasts all day. I just signed up for the monthly subscription, so happy I found Qualia Mind!
Nancy S. - 2023-01-05
My job can be very stressful and this product seems to keep me even and balanced.
Cheis A. - 2023-01-04
Very fast delivery
Cathy T. - 2023-01-04
I have been using Qualia Focus for several months. It was just what I needed to energize me enough without any side effects and to keep my mind sharp and focused.
Keith W. - 2023-01-04
Nearly every ‘sleep’ product contains melatonin and I get a melatonin hangover when I wake up. That’s why I love Qualia. No hangover, wide awake and refreshed.
mateusz b. - 2023-01-04
Definitely improved memory and overall brain performance
dawn c. - 2023-01-04
hi I took this product a few days after I had a strong case of Covid and I felt it put me on track again and I could literally feel myself getting more focused and on track I will definitely take this product for the next few months and feel the difference
Karma S. - 2023-01-03
Have been using this product on and off for years and it’s always amazing. I would love to be able to purchase the original formulation as well but this one is still great.
Ben W. - 2023-01-02
Great ingredients and works well! Will buy again.
Harry D. - 2023-01-02
I've been incredibly pleased with the focus provided by Mind, it's been a game changer for helping me get focused work done!
Josiah W. - 2023-01-01
I can tell a difference in the ability to focus and a great deal of improvement in willpower and cognitive presence.
Anthony C. - 2023-01-01
First day of taking the capsule, I felt an immediate relief for eye strain and sensitivity. Looking forward to see how my eyes improve after some time using this high quality product. Truly unlike others and stands out for how much research has gone into the ingredients and the care for quality. Excellent!
Justine S. - 2022-12-31
I was surprised that this actually works and does it was says it’s going to do. Super focused and alert.
Moe A. - 2022-12-30
Just received Qualia Mind and I have high hopes for this product. This product is expensive, especially if you intend to be a long-time subscriber; but I appreciate how the company tries to compensate for this (Qualia Vision Gift, Discounts, etc.). Seems like a solid company with a solid brand. Hopefully the product reflects this for me.
Joshua H. - 2022-12-29
Thanks for putting together outstanding supplement formulations!
Tao F. - 2022-12-29
Senolytics are lovely ways to clean out senescent cells. I was previously taking several on their own. Qualia has put together even more, and given a clear dosing schedule. This subscription makes taking senolytics easy.
Kathryn K. - 2022-12-28
this product is wonderful and works so well!
Viktar I. - 2022-12-28
Has been using it for over 2 years now. It's a great product that helped move the needle and improve in my job. I'm more focused and calm with all the stress. Keep it up guys. Would definitely recommend!
Mike C. - 2022-12-28
Give me my life back
Joshua F. - 2022-12-27
Me and my family took it and it's like we all became hyper industrious that day. LOL.
Maria R. - 2022-12-26
I could tell a big difference in my mood and memory and the brain fog went away after a couple weeks! Give it a try!