Travis A. - 2022-06-06 | Beta Tester
Just one day after taking Senolytic I felt a measurable increase of movement in my joints and muscles. I am still seeing the benefits. I have great confidence in Qualia's ingredients and the science used for this innovative product.The packaging was extremely convenient. The dose was not overwhelming. Can't think of a single thing I would change.
Jeff S. - 2022-06-05 | Beta Tester
I'm optimistic regarding the efficacy of this product and believe that Qualia has put together a great supplement. I look forward to testing this over the next several months and am hopeful that it will make an impact in my health.Well-done as always, Qualia!
MD E. - 2022-06-05
Really fast results. I feel more enabled to tackle the tough challenges of my college coursework.
Zarrah B. - 2022-06-05
Have been using this product for years! Love it so much
Louis S. - 2022-06-04
I’ve tried out a lot of “lesser” nootropic supplements. This is the first one that worked immediately and works everytime. The benefits don’t degrade as you get used to the effect. Customer for life
Deann S. - 2022-06-04 | Beta Tester
Great ingredients and just what my body needed. Thanks Qualia.Quality ingredients and great service.
Alexander Z. - 2022-06-04 | Beta Tester
Exactly what I needed at this time. Felt great. Still feeling good. Very happy with the trial.Quality ingredients that actually work. Try it. It’s great.
Nichelle C. - 2022-06-04 | Beta Tester
Oh wow Oh fuck Oh absolute gloriousness And ultimate gorgeosity I feel like a white healing ball Of damnable exfuckingsty Thanks so much for letting me participate I am beyond grateful to be part of the greatest company on the planet in my opinion👺⚰️☠️🌚🖤🐋🎠⌛️What I liked? Well there’s isn’t anything to speak of that I didn’t like It was all placed sent packaged and presented just perfect
Emily S. - 2022-06-04
I got the performance bundle with life, mind, and night. This honestly works exactly as described!!! I’m extremely impressed!!!
Mary B. - 2022-06-03 | Beta Tester
Felt more awake and energetic post hard exercise. Seemed to help with reduced muscle soreness.Qualia always offers science based, quality products.
Gregory S. - 2022-06-03
Helps me feel more focused and can work for longer without getting distracted
Randi M. - 2022-06-03 | Beta Tester
I felt like I had more energy and my body overall felt better than usual. I deal with eczema and swelling in my hands and after taking the dose my hands felt lighter.I like all the packaging from all the products from Qualia. It’s professional and nice packaging. I appreciate all the science and all the work that goes into the products. The service is always professional and on point. I’m just really happy to have access to these products and I’m really grateful.
Genevachi E. - 2022-06-03 | Beta Tester
Great ingredients! Looking forward to cleaning out some rubbish!Always love the deep dive into science with this company. They always turn over every stone
Jason R. - 2022-06-02 | Beta Tester
I was able to relax easier. I also felt like I got into a deeper fast. I usually do a 24 hour fast once a week. 40 hour fast every other week. You can tell it's working!!I love the fact I don't have to take it every day. I also like combing it with Qualia Mind
Dimitriy V. - 2022-06-02
I have noticed a difference but it takes a couple of weeks before you start noticing a difference in your minds performance.
Andress A. - 2022-06-02 | Beta Tester
On the second day I noticed a generally better feeling with increased energy and motivation. On day 3 it got even better with a great workout, and heightened productivity at work.Love the science, ingredients, and general concept behind this product. Great work.
Chuck G. - 2022-06-02 | Beta Tester
The first day I had more mental clarity at the end of the day. The second day I had an upset stomach.Being a Qualia fan boy, I really wish that I could give an exuberant review. The truth is I didn’t feel anything. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to, I don’t know. I do love Qualia and the very technical yet easy to understand scientific explanations surrounding their products!
Leah N. - 2022-06-02 | Beta Tester
Excellent addition. The supplement I didn’t realize I needed!Loved the packaging for this 2 day regimen
Diana R. - 2022-06-02 | Beta Tester
Great ingredients. The senolytics supplement delivers results you can feel instantaneously!The ingredients and how informative and detailed the packaging was!!
Jennifer M. - 2022-06-02 | Beta Tester
I know that you aren't supposed to notice a difference after just one dose, but I think I have. Mostly I have lot's of aches that seem better. I like that it's once a month. The packaging is good. Customer service is good. Shipping speed is phenomenal. I just wish it was a bit cheaper.
Lilia H. - 2022-06-02 | Beta Tester
Qualia always comes out with life enhancing supplements!Qualia researches and produces life enhancing products that you can't find anywhere.
John Stephen T. - 2022-06-02 | Beta Tester
Did not really notice any effect yet.The service to try it is great, the packaging is very nice and the science is very well researched. Perhaps continued use would demonstrate its effects better.
Brian F. - 2022-06-02
I am absolutely loving The Qualia products! I feel more alive and more focused!
Iuliu P. - 2022-06-02
Just go this. Very excited! Hoping it will increase my productivity as a software engineer a lot.
Jonathan T. - 2022-06-02
Super motivated! It really gets the ball rolling. Coffee got NOTHING on Qualia Mind!!