Brandy D. - 2023-03-17
Absolute game changer! Never felt better!
Luis T. - 2023-03-17
I felt unbelievable energy and was able to finish an insane amount of work. Considering I’m a student this has helped so much
Harry C. - 2023-03-16
I needed this to get out of bed and it does the job. Very satisfied with the product
Gabrielle F. - 2023-03-12
Better focus and cognitive skill. The most impressive though is that my dreams are more real and detailed. Pretty trippy stuff but in a good way
Drake F. - 2023-03-11
Haven't even taken the recommended 7 pill dose yet, been rocking 3 or 4 caps and feeling super clear and organized in my work flow.
Eli C. - 2023-03-10
30% more Clarity, 40% more focus, 20-50% more processing power in my brain at least 50% more done per hour when I am on it. I can't recomended it enough!!! 5 Star product for SURE. 1-4 hours after taking it try sipping a little tea or coffee to get the brain opened up even MORE, or even better take some Omegas (fish oil supplements, piece of salmon etc) and the effects are EVEN GREATER. Seriously this product is a blessing in my life, to increase productivity and focus.
Nicholas B. - 2023-03-10
Qualia has improved my mental sharpness and focus. I am learning more easily than ever before
Mark G. - 2023-03-09
Amazing in every way has exactly what I need to be the better version of me . Love it! Absolutely love it!!
Robert F. - 2023-03-09
I’ve operated as a driver for a number of different companies, from delivery to moving to rideshare to now chauffeur. I depend on functional eyesight to be a safe + confident driver. I Can wholeheartedly say that I did notice a minor improvement in my sight after using this product… As an added bonus, I also just tend to feel great. Qualia Vision is a really solid product and I’m glad it’s on the market for those who depend on perfect or near-perfect eyesight to get the job done.
D B. - 2023-03-09
Works Great!
Sirius B. - 2023-03-09
I wasn't expecting Life to compliment Mind the way it does, not only am I focused longer but my mood is consistent and feeling energetic throughout the day. Excited to see what else Qualia has to offer!
Jennifer C. - 2023-03-07
Fully functioning through stressful days without the need to want to surrender. Also, and most importantly, I'm not replaying days event over in my head at night worrying about things I could have handled better or differently. This makes peace in my mind.
Hannah C. - 2023-03-07
After reading the reviews for this product I knew I had to give them a try. I am working on my doctorate and focus and memory could be greatly improved
Tommy H. - 2023-03-07
Very good very good yummy good good
Daniel R. - 2023-03-07
I can tell a big difference in my focus levels!
A R. - 2023-03-06
Just started taking them today. Smells like they’re going to work.
Jerod D. - 2023-03-05
This product has made me fully aware that I have some mental issues that need to be worked on. Nothing bad to say about this stuff I love it, it has helped me get back in tune with my productive self and those little voices that talk me into procrastinating are gone. im finally waking up at 4 am again. my decisions making skill are instant and usually make the right choice.
Patricia K. - 2023-03-04
HRV went up 20points in the fittest month. More deep sleep.
Aaron M. - 2023-03-03
Ordering and shipping was quick and easy!
Justin W. - 2023-03-02
This product gives me a slight focus during the day. It's easier to concentrate on one thing until it is completed. Its very subtle but every now and then I can feel a little jolt of the effects.
Curtis C. - 2023-03-02
Best thing ever
Shawnee K. - 2023-03-02
I am incredibly satisfied with the quelia focus product I feel more clarity and enhanced cognition using this product than any other neurotropic that I have tried. I don't feel any nausea from this product whereas other neurotropics have caused that sensation I am looking forward to continuing to use this product as well as Other products they offer I 100% recommend.
Kael E. - 2023-03-01
Amazing, exactly as advertised.
Konstanze W. - 2023-03-01
My mood and focus feels amazing on these!
Laura M. - 2023-03-01
I've been on supplements for decades, I even have my BS in Alternative Medicine...this is a game changer! Within the first 3 days I noticed my mood elevated and uplifted and my mental velocity/focus more streamlined. For all the good ingredients that are in this bottle you can't beat the price (even at $100 per bottle). I have this on autoship