Roman N. - 2020-12-22
Expensive but the blend works. Thank you.
Katherine S. - 2020-12-21
I have seen significant changes in my energy and ability to concentrate.
Kristin S. - 2020-12-20
Customer service has always been very informative and helpful
Natasza Z. - 2020-12-13
I have been taking Qualia Mind for two weeks and so far I sense that it is giving me a subtle and gentle support for mental focus and stamina, not a hyper stimulated, zippy kind of quality. I find that I'm more balanced mentally with an 'I can do it' attitude.
Katherine W. - 2020-12-10
I think I’ve tried all supplements by Neurohacker. My favorite by far is Mind. The clean clarity I feel every morning I take 4 to 5 on an empty stomach. It gives me a little boost of energy and rids the brain fog I seem to have every morning (some more than others) - without the queasies or caffeine headache. I take another two an hour later before I eat. Thanks Neurohacker for letting me try them all with your guaranteed satisfaction!! => completely satisfied. Never stop sending them. (Ye...Read more.
Ryon D. - 2020-12-10
Besides the mental clarity and complete lack of brain fog from the first use, I think the most profound affect I've seen is the increased plasticity. After just a few weeks of use (I played with the dosage a little bit in the beginning to see I could feel the difference, I usually take the full dose now) I found it easier than ever to avoid falling into old negative thought patterns and habits and an increased ability to build new positive ones.
Laura S. - 2020-12-10
I use Jeopardy! as a diagnostic tool! I have greater recall with less anxiety. I particularly appreciate that it doesn't make me feel agitated and it doesn't interfere with my sleep.
Moody A. - 2020-12-10
I have been taking Qualia Mind caffeine free since October 2019. At 71 years, I was noticing a decline in short term memory as well as memory in general. This was subjectively made worse by having a very good memory of having had a good memory. What I noticed with this product was that my short term memory improved. I started remembering passwords that I had to continually look up. I am doing quite a bit of software programming. I noticed that my programming improved as that activity is far m...Read more.
Seth S. - 2020-12-10
Works really well, notice a small different with the full qualia mind and this price point is fantastic. Highly reccomended
LUIS L. - 2020-12-10
I've been always a sceptic about anything man-made that goes into the body to enhance mood, energy, libido, etc. but I read about neurohackers in Ben Angel's book "Unstoppable" and I wanted to try. Best decision ever!
Kim J. - 2020-12-08
Bought it for my wife and she was able to sleep through the night without taking gravol or waking up every couple of hours which is something she's struggled with for a few years. :)
Alba M. - 2020-12-07
I have been taking it for more than 2 years. I can only tell the difference on the weekend days when I am not taking qualia but ordered it for my husband as well. I do believe in supplements:)
Anthony D. - 2020-12-03
It is like taking a 5 hour energy shot except it lasts for like 8 hours and it don’t give me a bunch of anxiety or the jitters it’s worth a shot you should try it and the taste isn’t too bad I just drink sweet tea right after
Maria M. - 2020-12-02
I do NOT have issues with sleep so I was hesitant on whether I should take it or not. I did a little experiment using two bottles ( two months) and tracking (WHOOP) my sleep. I stopped using the bottles and tracked again for a month and noticed that while using the Qualia Sleep my REM and SWS (deep) sleep was significantly higher ( longer periods), therefore, my recovery is much better while using the product. I ordered it immediately after noticing this and will continue to use it. In the pa...Read more.
David T. - 2020-12-02
I have been using this product for three weeks. I always have trouble falling asleep but after using this product, I have trouble only occasionally. I think for me it’s important to take it early, at least four or five hours before bedtime. I also find that 2 capsules work so I vary the dose from2-4
Dominique V. - 2020-12-02
I just started 4 weeks ago, I always believed I didn't need much sleep but since I started qualia, I sleep longer and deeper and feel energised as soon as I get up and have seen an improvement in my HRV scores.
Tim B. - 2020-11-30
Since taking qualia life I've never felt so good and my sleep is wonderful
gaylin t. - 2020-11-30
There has definitely been an improvement in focus and concentration, I will keep using Qualia mind
Katherine D. - 2020-11-29
I love them so far ...they give me tons of energy and I am able to study a little longer
Travis E. - 2020-11-29
Qualia night combined with a good sleep hygiene routine works really well.
Michael A. - 2020-11-27
I've been using this product for years and rely on it to get out of bed and get the day started. I take it on week days and off on weekends. I find it helps me be more focused and overall more efficient.
Tracy S. - 2020-11-27
I took Mind for over a year in 2018/19 and experienced measurable upliftment to my mood, energy and brain power. Then 2020 happened and I took a break for many months. I've been back on for about two weeks and what a difference! The fog has lifted and I feel great again!
Kenny m. - 2020-11-27
Fantastic product, gives me a really clear, clean focus all day.
Benton B. - 2020-11-27
I'm used to buying supplements taking to to see no noticeable effects, but Qualia Mind has opened my mind to the profound effects nootropic supplements can have. The second night after I started taking Qualia Mind I had a moment of feeling an unusually bright sense of positive emotion, that it seems my brain hadn't had access to previously. I've wondered if this was a result of Qualia Mind up regulating neurotransmitters that had previous been out-of-sorts. Good brain juice. 10/10 would ...Read more.
Monika B. - 2020-11-25
Reluctant to be co-dependent on anything other than what is essential, I ordered qualia mind. After a few weeks, my dosis (due to my small frame ) is 5 pills 💊 💊 💊 💊 💊. where do I start? Combined with meditation 3x times a day, qigong and many creative deadlines, I have seen an incredible improvement in my capacity to not only focus on the task or person at hand, but also I have been able to give value to the specific situation as needed and not at any expense. 💯 recommended, its val...Read more.