Evan G. - 2020-10-16
Increase in energy and focus. Especially paired with coffee and 2mg nicotine gum.
Kathy F. - 2020-10-13
More focus, alertness and overall well-being
Debbie T. - 2020-10-11
Easier to concentrate and my memory is sharper. I don’t feel like I’m struggling to recall things. I also don’t feel that mental fatigue when trying to work for longer intervals.
Russell B. - 2020-10-11
This formulation was amazing. It provided continual focus support without any jitter or agitation. It allowed a greater level of focus and retention that was previously unobtainable with other products.
DALE L. - 2020-10-09
I loved the old Qualia ... I am not a fan, at all, of the Qualia Mind. There is a world of difference and I wish I could choose the old product, but I cant, so I have had to go somewhere else.
Christiane W. - 2020-10-07
Energy and focus were good all week.
Jennifer D. - 2020-10-07
I can’t tell a difference when using this product..
Gary C. - 2020-10-07
This product was excellent. I was more productive and focused during the workday.
Lowell H. - 2020-10-06
I didn't notice a difference taking mind essentials vs mind
Molly B. - 2020-10-06
The week I took this product just happened to be the week I was moving into a new place. It was a pretty stressful week with moving while working from home and not being able to take time off so I was on calls and delivering analysis while directing the movers. I felt like I was able to move back and forth between the two activities and keep up with both though. The home I was supposed to move into turned it to be trashed by the previous tenant so before moving I had to make lots of decisi...Read more.
Eve C. - 2020-10-05
Not work in my body. thanks
Vickie H. - 2020-10-05
I did not like this product. I took one pill and threw it in the trash. I want to be taken off auto ship but can’t figure out how
Zachary C. - 2020-10-03
Day one of taking the product I didn't see a change in myself but the people around me including my family did note that I was more irritable and quick to anger. The same could be said with day two. Day three saw a change in my irritability or energy level. Day three I did see an increase in my energy level and I did hear that my irrtability and anger did subside. Day four and five were awesome. I did see a dramatic increase in focus and energy and I didn't require any pick me up in the later...Read more.
Joan H. - 2020-10-01
After one month of taking 6 caps 5 times per week, we do not see any change in memory functions. But bc of your generous guarantee we will keep trying for another 60 days 🤔🙊🙈🙉😇
Michelle R. - 2020-09-30
I took this product upon waking up and didn’t eat or drink anything but water for 30 minutes. Around 30 minutes after I took it I could feel it working. Nothing drastic, but just a sense of motivation to get going. I typically workout first thing in the morning then jet to work. This helped me get going without even thinking about it!
corinne h. - 2020-09-29
I have had great benefit from Qualia life but the Qualia Night did not imrpove sleep for me
Renee C. - 2020-09-28
I have felt like I've been able to recall names of things better the last few days. I would be curious to try it for a longer period than just the 5 days to see if it was real or just a placebo effect. I like that it's only 5 pills a day compared with some of the other vitamins offered that are 7 per day.
Joan H. - 2020-09-24
After 3 weeks I do not see any change yet.
Hank B. - 2020-09-18
I don't know if these pills work or just a placebo. I don't have better recall or feel sharper mentally.
Barry L. - 2020-09-18
Hasn't done anything for me. I do not notice any difference in my perception or anything else after taking them - and I have tried between 7 and ten tablets in a day.
Dan I. - 2020-09-11
I never tried a nootropic before. I don't have any particular 'issue' I'm expecting to fix BUT I really like Daniel Schmachtenberger; one of the smartest and honest people I've encountered. So, I gave it a try. 1. Quite costly, which makes it affordable only for the upper part of the population - deepening the gap even more - to put it in Daniel's terms. 2. The marketing got berserk right away. That striked me as the archetype of the "game A" at it's best. Wondering if this wouldn't have b...Read more.
Joel H. - 2020-09-10
Caused lethargy and irritability. Effects lasted a day after stopping taking it on 3rd day.
Nancy S. - 2020-09-03
I wanted to love this product, but it did absolutely nothing positive for me. I took the product in the morning as directed. My sleep was very disrupted for the first 2 nights when taking the product, leaving me tired and groggy the following days. After the first 2 days, my sleep returned to normal, but I felt no benefit at all from continuing to take the product for the remaining 3 days of the study.
Lisa G. - 2020-09-03
Taking 8 pills in one serving is alot and unfortunately I noticed nothing, soooooo....kind of a bust?!
Mel Z. - 2020-09-02
Don't know why but I consistently got headaches by the end of the day. Very disappointing because I love Qualia Mind which I've been using for a long time with great results