Patsy M. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

almost 3 years ago

Caffeine ugh!

I didn’t realize it when I ordered the product that it has Caffeine in it so I’ve hardly been able to take it. You should warn people about it. Maybe you do and I just missed it. I’m very disappointed.

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Sarah B. September 16, 2020


After starting a new job doing a ton of data entry and loads of other completely foreign to me tasks, I look back in awe as it would have been overwhelming and I'd have given up....not with this Qualia Mind Essentials first thing in the morning. It was a breeze learning and maintaining focus had ...

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Bjorn R. October 12, 2020

Focus without any feeling of too strong effect

Good focus

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Kathy F. October 13, 2020

I feel good!

More focus, alertness and overall well-being

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Roman N. December 22, 2020


Expensive but the blend works. Thank you.

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