Patsy M. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

over 1 year ago

Caffeine ugh!

I didn’t realize it when I ordered the product that it has Caffeine in it so I’ve hardly been able to take it. You should warn people about it. Maybe you do and I just missed it. I’m very disappointed.

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Michael B. December 25, 2019

Focus is Excellent!

This product had an immediate effect on my mental clarity and focus. My brain fog is in the past.

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Eli C. August 10, 2019

Productivity in a bottle

Anytime I take Mind or Focus, I make a list of my high priorities items to get done, and next thing I know I’m 2 hours deep into some of my most focused productive work. I have to even plan a break or lunch otherwise I tend to work right through. And just for the record this isn’t a caffeine high...

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ginnett c. June 30, 2020


I only have been using the products for a week or so and I had to use less than the indicated dosage because I feel a lot of energy but stomach ache and overall weirdness

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Wiley B. December 2, 2020

Cognitive support

I’m 69 years old and have had cognitive issues since major shoulder surgery last year. I’ve been taking NMNs which has worked well. Qualia was highly recommended by a week respected physician/scientist that I respect so I tried this product. I had high hopes, however, for me NMNs works much more...

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