Gaspar T. - 2022-04-30
I didn't feel any effects. I took the whole bottle and I am not satisfied in the least.
BRIAN DEREK H. - 2022-04-18
Evelyn H. - 2022-04-05
I tried the product for over a month and did not feel a difference. Does not work
Shawn W. - 2022-03-31
This stuff is garbage If you like an upset stomach and gaging Go for it, stay away at all costs
Caleb K. - 2022-03-20
I want to cancel
Marcelo N. - 2022-03-05
I bought I paid and you don’t deliver me I am waiting for my product
Naniloa S. - 2022-03-02
I haven’t noticed any changes. I was not having sleep problems prior to taking.
George F. - 2022-03-01
My and I tried Quilia mind for one month. The only affect on us was a debit from our bank card as the product does nothing other. We don’t recommend spending that much money on something that don’t work.
Trevor N. - 2022-02-17
Not noticing a difference in my REM or Deep sleep on my Oura Ring, I also tried Qualia Mind , not feeling the benefits either in my motivation or focus
Don B. - 2022-02-17 | Beta Tester
Could not feel any effects
Kimberlee E. - 2022-02-11
I took a half dose (2 capsules) right after dinner over two consecutive nights and boy, what a disaster. I had an extremely hard time getting to sleep each night as both my mind and my heart rate were racing. I'm happy to see that this works for many people. I'm just not one of them.
Susan O. - 2022-02-10
I haven’t noticed any difference. I’ve been taking 2 pills in the morning on empty stomach for about a week. I’m going to try increasing the dose.
Adriano E. - 2022-01-24
One week of performance was all I was able to get out of Qualia Mind. It doesn't matter what my night of sleep, and sleep cycle average looks like. Thank you customer service for trying to help, but we will have to part ways.
Sonya R. - 2022-01-20
I cannot tell any difference.
steve f. - 2022-01-12
Did not affect me what so ever. SORRY.
Caleb H. - 2021-12-27
Couldn’t tell a difference at all.. I don’t see what all the hype is about honestly 🥴🙄😑
Bev A. - 2021-12-21
I have taken Skin three times a day for a month now and so far I have not noticed any difference. I just started my second bottle, so we will see what that brings. So far - nothing.
Hunter H. - 2021-12-21
Left me with headaches a few hours after taking it and I felt severely impatient after a few hours.
Eliseo M. - 2021-12-17
Sorry. Did not work for me. I did not feel different nor any more focused than before. I was looking forward to feel more focused and alert with my grad studies but…7 daily pills that have a fishy aftertaste for $134. Hmph.
Joe M. - 2021-12-17 | Beta Tester
I think it's a placebo.
Christopher M. - 2021-11-25 | Beta Tester
Nothing to describe because it did nothing to help me focus or give me any feeling whatsoever.
Steve S. - 2021-11-10
so far, I've not experienced any change at all, both in Mind and in Eye
Luana S. - 2021-11-01
I've notice no difference after finishing 1 bottle
Dea T. - 2021-10-31
I’ve just finished taking one month of Qualia Vision as directed, 1 cap 5 days on, 2 days off and unfortunately I haven’t noticed any improvement in my vision. In fact, I am experiencing even more discomfort than before I started taking the product. It is difficult to open my eyes in the morning due to searing pain. I don’t believe the product is causing the pain; whatever degenerative issue my eyes are having may only be helped by surgery. I wanted to avoid surgery and was hoping that Qualia...Read more.
Juan Jose C. - 2021-10-30
I got a little rush of energy but I found that I was distracted more than normal. I was not able to focus.