Elder G. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

over 1 year ago

Product review

This product does not work for me I’d like my money back

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Elder! We reached to you via email for additional infomation.

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Brian . January 18, 2022

Cognitive equilibrium

After 2 months I have to say that my day to day motivation, focus and attention have improved. I find it easier to switch gears and manage the stress associated with constant task switching my job requires.

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Wil S. January 7, 2022

5 stars

Lauren C. March 11, 2022

First Day

Gave three stars, because this is my first day. I can see why some reviews mention "less resistance". So far, I'm impressed. Was able to get more accomplished than usual. Excited to see where I'm at a month from now.

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Katherine S. January 12, 2021

Definite Improvement

I have been using Qualia for two months and have noticed a marked improvement in my focus and memory.

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