Jaylin W. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 3 years ago

I'm black it didn't really do anything for me...

I was taking 7 of them every morning I woke up and. . . I wanted them to work. . . I would get kinda this kind of rush shortly after taking them but after that, BLAH. Everything normal, I only took them like that for a week I dont know if it takes time for it to start. I was just thinking because they were so expensive they should work... lol if Qualia gives me a new month supply on them with a plan on exactly how I should be taking it for them to work then I'll buy them forever, I was looking for a brain pill to take for the rest of my life anyway, I feel like I'm going to have altimeters when I get old.

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Lina Maria F. October 3, 2021

I haven’t got the delivery

I haven’t got the delivery and I don’t get any satisfaction answer anywhere

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Jeff F. November 5, 2021

5 stars

Fernand B. November 5, 2021

No difference after 2 weeks of use

No impact after 10 days of use 5 on 2 days off. Going to try 2 months and then see if I continue or not.

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Parker K. July 17, 2021

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