Rhea H. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

about 2 months ago

Qualia Senolytic

First dose ( two consecutive days ) was only three weeks ago. I can’t really say I see, or feel a difference yet. I also started Qualia life, Qualia, night, and Qualia skin, around the same time. Over all I feel slightly different, maybe more focused during the day and a bit more relaxed in the evenings, but I don’t know if Qualia Senolytic is a part of this or not. I will keep taking for a total of four months in in a row before I make a decision on continuing or not. Honestly, the science is there, so I believe this supplement will be effective for me.

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Shannon K. July 23, 2023

Will try again - experienced anxiety

The first time (and only time so far) that I've tried this, I took three spread out over a few hours. By afternoon, I was feeling a high level of anxiety and overly emotional. I didn't finish the series that day because I was worried it might get worse and I had a workload and kids to get to all ...

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Lara V. June 2, 2022

Benefits of Senolytics is promising!

You know you're getting benefits when you get up, move around, go through your daily routine without thinking about it. Only later you realize you didn't have symptoms associated with those activities. As a scientist, I am reluctant to attribute a direct causal relationship to a single anecdotal ...

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Logan Elliott P. October 29, 2023


Great product!

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Attila H. March 11, 2024

Qualia Senolytic

Just completed my 2 days "Cell Cleanse" with SENOLYTIC and I definitely feel a bit "Lighter" and I did feel like I was going through somewhat of a "Detox". Very easy to take 6 capsule for 2 days in a row and looking forward to seeing the after-effects as I will be repeating every 30 days!

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