Ron C. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

2 months ago

Only time will tell..

Did my first 2 day supply, as one who is very intuitive with their body i didn't notice any change. Wasn't sure exactly how to consume them (all at once, or at different intervals) and taking 6 pills at once seems different than any other supplement that I have ever taken before. We'll see if there's more information on how to probably take them as I look for more information about the product. I'll keep taking them for a few months and see if I notice anything new with continued use...

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Tricia M. October 13, 2023

First day

I'm amazed at how much more energized I feel

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Marissa G. October 24, 2023

For the tired moms!

A real game-changer for the soccer moms and our regularly depleted energy levels. Qualia allows me the energy to not just perform as a mom but also ENJOY it.

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dawn c. January 4, 2023

recovering from covid

hi I took this product a few days after I had a strong case of Covid and I felt it put me on track again and I could literally feel myself getting more focused and on track I will definitely take this product for the next few months and feel the difference

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April C. August 13, 2023

Excited for a healthier and cleaner body

I saw this online and learned about zombie cells. I have never heard of it before. But I do believe it is important to have a clean body on top of using supplements. I am excited to see how this will change me.

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