Tom . reviewed Qualia Senolytic

2 months ago

Promising on first try

The science behind Qualia senolytic intrigued and reviews seemed to bear out the claims so I decided to give it a shot. I am something of a biohacker and have learned to monitor a supplement's effect on my body fairly well. I started the second day of my first round this morning and have already noticed an uptick in physical and mental energy. If, as I expect, the effect will be more pronounced by the end of today, my tentative judgement will be that Qualia seems to work. I will be continuing to monitor results for some months to see if the effect is cumulative and lasting.

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Sel S. June 22, 2023


I expect good results as Qualia is to be a reputable brand.

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Sharon G. August 1, 2023

Excellent education

If you are interested in the science of senolytics is an excellent resource.

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DMYTRO S. January 21, 2024

This seems to work great after one use

After taking this - few days later I noticed significant improvement in shoulder - which had had an issue for several months. Will continue to monitor for next several doses

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Patsy P. August 1, 2023

Qualia Senolytic works so quickly

Only two days and I feel so much better.

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