Adriana T. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

3 months ago

A Feeling of Lightness & Productivity after using Qualia Senolytic! :)

It is early days yet, but I bought Qualia Senolytic for both my mom & myself, & both of us, independently, experienced a feeling of "lightness", as well as being inspired to tackle thinks that usually would be unappealing. I didn't share my results with her, as I didn't want to bias her experience & perhaps result in a placebo effect, but she verbalized to a "T" exactly what I experienced. It's like a weight... a heaviness... was lifted. What a great feeling. :) This is our first month trying Senolytic &, for me, I noticed these changes the morning of the 2nd day. Excited to see what next month brings!

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Colleen C. September 11, 2023


I enjoy this product. It produces results.

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Meredith H. January 5, 2024


I have used Senolytic once a month for the last 5 months and I feel that it has really helped me out. I am an avid athlete and fitness enthusiast. I have not been sick all fall & winter season!

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Christy Y. May 2, 2023

More Energy To Live In The Flow

I noticed a major difference from my first once a month dose. More energy, clarity and overall I feel better. I getting ready to take my third dose and I’m excited to see what more this product can do for you me. I’m 59 years young! Thank you Neurohacker 😘❤️

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Lyndi R. May 12, 2023

Super Stoked!

I just received my Qualia Synolytic yesterday. Just started my 2 day dose. I am a 62 y/o female and would like to keep as youthful as possible so that I can enjoy an active life.

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