Jill N. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

9 months ago


My initial reaction is increased energy after the first day.

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Trenton J. May 10, 2023

Very intrigued

52 year-old male, on the better side of healthy male, I think. I’ve only taken one dose, so it’s really too early for me to comment with any concrete affirmation of efficacy, but I think there is something to Senolytic and hopefully it’s not just placebo. I like to think that the first couple w...

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Beth P. May 31, 2022

Happy User

I found my joints responded very well to this supplement.The packaging was perfect.

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Harmony H. September 15, 2023

Only one month

I am looking forward to trying it next month. I took it for two days and think I felt more clarity and vitality. I will see after a couple more months.

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M P. January 14, 2024

Let the magic begin

2 consecutive days once every month for youthful cellular function? I bought a 4 month supply to give it a good go. I'm hoping to feel like a champion

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