Barb J. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

2 months ago

Great product

I feel great after using Senolytic..I am one month in and planning on using it for several months

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Gloria F. March 27, 2024

Great First Round

I took the pills for a two day period, as directed. I noticed that after the first day my blood pressure was much better. It had been elevated. I felt happy, without stress. After the second day, those results lasted a few days. Looking forward to my second round next week.

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R S. March 2, 2024

simply amazed

This was an impulse buy I do not regret one bit I grew up on a Caribbean island, and get sick very rarely. Upon returning to the United States as a teenager, I caught my first cold and ever since then I’ve had an annoying post nasal drip that nothing has been able to get rid of. Fast forward, tw...

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Michael D. June 2, 2022

Still interested

No noticeable effect after 2 doses (I'm typically someone who responds best to higher doses and I'm not as aware of what's happening in my body as I'd like to be) but information that came with it was stellar.I loved seeing the information-filled packaging. Customer services was quick to respond,...

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Barbra R. January 6, 2024


I'm recovering from a chronic condition and am starting to feel improvements after being on Senolytic for a few months. Exciting product!

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