Colby K. reviewed Qualia Night

2 months ago

Reset your circadian rhythm! Great with sleep apnea!

I’ve tried so many different products to help with my years of sleep issues including strong sleep apnea. This has really helped me to reset my circadian rhythm on a great schedule and hit rem sleep much more often than I have in the past. My sleep apnea has improved. I used to walk up multiple times throughout the night and now am able to sleep a full 5-8 hrs. Highly recommended. I wake up feeling rested and more alert and focused throughout the day.

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Darina P. September 22, 2020


Best sleep supplement I have tried so far.

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Zack G. July 21, 2020

Great experience

I found myself getting more restful sleep while on this product. Mornings were great, I didn't feel groggy unlike experience with other "sleep" supplements.

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Brad M. July 4, 2020

Mind' if I tell you about 'Night'?

I began taking 'Night' on July 2nd, ideal timing considering my average sleep score was a sub-optimal 71 for the previous week (Oura data). My experience was nothing short of wonder. After five nights of taking the product my average sleep score leapt up to 85. Each day that followed I experie...

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Rochelle L. August 28, 2020

Quicker reaction times and less stress

I really enjoyed this product. I wasn't having a lot of trouble falling/staying asleep prior to using this, so all I noticed on that end was a more relaxed sleep. The biggest effect I felt the next day. I was much more alert and on top of things, able to go with the flow and change on the fly qui...

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