Michelle J. - 2021-01-19
Quails mind makes me feel like I’m firing on all cylinders. A total shift in focus and clarity, I am absolutely astonished at the difference I feel. Never want to be without them going forward.
James J. - 2021-01-19
One word to describe this product.... amazing!!!!
Giorgi B. - 2021-01-19
It works like a magic wand, enables links between pieces of information in our brain.
Bruce S. - 2021-01-19
I’m 62 ... no spring chicken... but I’ve always been active and am in better shape than most 30 year olds. That said... being in shape physically is not the same as being in shape mentally. So the first thing I noticed was how alert I was... and I’m talking about on my first dose within an hour. Literally! I was more attentive. More focused. Not is a ‘buzzy’ kind of way... like nothing I’ve ever experienced. My brain was synapsing like ... I can’t remember when! I smashed a ‘honey-do’ lis...Read more.
Jonah G. - 2021-01-19
Jam packed in a couple of pills all you need.
Evangeline W. - 2021-01-19
I know the bottle instructs you to take 7, but I took one. I was sharper, more focused and my memory was quick. I was remembering the number list quickly. My short term memory was better.
Jonah G. - 2021-01-19
It was like a lil boost for ma brain
Charles C. - 2021-01-19
Helps me stay sharp from 5am all the way through 6pm. Kickass at work and with personal matters. Focus and memory enhanced to a very appreciable level!
Sha-Quille K. - 2021-01-18
Taking this product has really helped boost my entire experience of life! Gives me that extra oomph needed to experience the most of my day! Amazing product! I have definitely recommended Qualia Life to my friends and family!
Nicholas B. - 2021-01-18
I do suffer from lack of focus and poor concentration at times. Having taken Qualia Mind I was able to sit and complete a complex project within a few hours without any need to have a break or refocus. Fabulous
Todd P. - 2021-01-18
Qualitative Mind has worked for me and allowed me to scale other supplements I was trying. More focus, more energy, more optimism...hard to beat that.
Mary B. - 2021-01-16
Qualia Mind provides mental alertness and focus without jitters
Katherine S. - 2021-01-12
I have been using Qualia for two months and have noticed a marked improvement in my focus and memory.
Andrew J. - 2021-01-07
Acuity and focus, it's off the chart the best. Cannot say enough about Qualia Mind. Thank you NH!!
Bruce S. - 2021-01-02
Oh my gosh! Who knew? Blown Away! Thank you for Qualia Mind ... I was on it for 3 days ... and canceled my subscription! So I could get the Mind, Life & Sleep bundle!! I love Neurohacker Collective ... your information on your website, your articles and your products... even though I’ve yet to try Life and Sleep. I do want to give a shout out to Kiki ... I called in enquire about how to cancel my subscription so I could order the bundle ... and she was amazing. I had to chuckle .....Read more.
Patricia K. - 2020-12-31
Calm, deep focus without jitters. High energy without anxiety.
Elizabeth K. - 2020-12-31
I thought that this could be a good adjunct to my regular routine for those times when I need an extra boost. And it is. What surprised me is how good it is by itself! More energy, more capacity, better clarity and focus... Thanks again, NeuroHacker Collective for another fabulous product.
Jim A. - 2020-12-30
This is my first review of the Qualia Night supplement. I started taking it on December 11th as recommended. I have been taking 4 capsules for 5 days on and taking 2 days off. I've also been using blue-light blocking glasses and a sleep mask with the supplement. Wearing blue-light blocking glasses during the evening hours, taking the Qualia Night supplement a few hours before sleep, and wearing a sleep mask in bed have helped me have a soothing night of sleep. I feel like I'm getting more res...Read more.
JeanneMarie B. - 2020-12-29
I have just started using the Qualia three pack and have noticed a difference right away, especially with my sleep! I will update the review as more time goes by, but so far I’m impressed...
Prianta S. - 2020-12-29
I love the clarity and mental lift I experience when using this product. Definitely recommend
Terri C. - 2020-12-29
Quilalia Mind has helped keep me focused, alert and energized. Thank you!
Sandra F. - 2020-12-28
This is the best I have tried ever. The drive is endless
Eva C. - 2020-12-27
Everything about this company is amazing from their customer service to their supplements. They are the best
Jessica M. - 2020-12-26
I always drink a ton of caffeine and more recently been trying to find something that would hopefully replace the amount of energy drinks I consume. I started taking this and haven’t touched any energy drinks. I don’t get the jitters and there isn’t any crash. I am able to stay focused all day. It’s helped with my sleep schedule as well because I’m not drinking two energy drinks a day. Totally recommend this product. Really happy that I made the decision to try it!
kim r. - 2020-12-23
These are exceptional products. I read about them and then started taking and I have seen a big difference in my quality of sleep, mood, focus and energy. I would recommend these products to anyone experiencing fatigue and brain fog. Best products I've ever experienced in my 4 decades as an adult i've tried many.