Tyler W. - 2021-04-02
You can tell a difference in the first week of using this product. I use to be lazy and had no drive to better myself, using this product I have the drive to better myself day by day.
Lidia B. - 2021-04-01
I love the focus that comes from the product. Took me about a week to notice the difference but I feel unstoppable.
martine b. - 2021-04-01
I have only been taking Qualia Mind for one week but already notice a marked difference in my ability to focus and clarity of thought.
Raul A M. - 2021-03-31
Great product, i start filling the deference on the first month
Kayman M. - 2021-03-30
If you live a relatively sober life and require a no-nonsense smart drug that has had every consideration made, Qualia Mind is for you. If you need a modafinil or phenylpiracetam strength of effect but without the lingering effects, Qualia Mind is your nootropic. Closest thing to a no strings attached smart drug that I have ever had and I have tried dozens. Highest ethical considerations of any product I've ever had.
Stephanie P. - 2021-03-30
I’m very impressed with this product. I have tried different things to improve my sleep and Qualia Night has been incredible!
Richard F. G. - 2021-03-30
Transformative Product. Has taken my focus, attention and creativity to a new level. I cycle on 5 days during the week and off on the weekend. Highly recommend Mind for next level Cognitive Boost.
Shayandeep C. - 2021-03-30
Within a week of using Qualia Mind, I don't seem to have any brain fog. Tiredness by noon gone! Super happy with my purchase.
Ana p. - 2021-03-24
My family and I started using Qualia mind 3 months ago and feel amazing.
Scott B. - 2021-03-22
I have been using Qualia for the past three years, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I am a medical student, and this product has aided me in ways I did not think possible. I would not be as successful in school without Qualia Mind, and I advise any students to get your hands on this product. I don't ever take an exam without it, and I try not to ever study without it. Qualia makes my studies so much more efficient, and it gives me the mental endurance to handle the toughe...Read more.
Ivanisse T. - 2021-03-17
I have noticed significant changes when testing this product. My energy and performance during the day is something I have never experienced. I recommend it 100%
Ivanisse T. - 2021-03-17
I have noticed significant changes when trying this product. My energy and performance during the day is something I have never experienced. I recommend it 100%
Shannon M. - 2021-03-16
This is the Best Nootropics I have ever taken. Gives me an edge all day. Launching a Saas co. so needed it big time;) Thank you Nuerohackers!
Thomas B. - 2021-03-14
I’ve tried multiple nootropics and is product is the only one where I’ve felt a significant increase in mental clarity and focus. Helps me to excel in my already fast pace career in healthcare industry.
Wilson S. - 2021-03-12
By far the best brain supplement I’ve tried
Jeffrey M. - 2021-03-11
Davis W. - 2021-03-07
Its day besssss
Rogelio G. - 2021-03-06
Simply the best! I love this product!!!
Lynne H. - 2021-03-06
I am so glad I found this product - the quality of my sleep has greatly improved.
Joshua H. - 2021-03-06
I felt it working the first night. I break open the pills and let the powder dissolve for a minute on the tongue. It definitely gives a deeper, and more rested sleep.
Reginald A. - 2021-03-04
Whenever I use Qualia Life I can noticeably feel a difference. My memory recall is quicker. Articulations are quicker. It does make me feel stimulated but not in the same sense of coffee. It is easier to get into the “flow state”. I can feel the relaxing qualities of meditative breathing faster and more intensely. While working out (strength training) It does appear that fatigue before and after aren’t as bad. Meaning that it appears I can get a few more reps in than normally and that ...Read more.
Shenoah G. - 2021-03-04
I feel a joint of energy and health each time I take my Qualia. When I need to be on, at my best, cognitively nimble, I always take my morning Qualia. It's a game changer. Thanks for helping me get in the zone and be in flow. XO
Michael M. - 2021-03-04
I've worked with a non-profit for more than a decade, which I view as very important and very satisfying work, but also very stressful work. Although I thought it wouldn't happen, at some point I finally experienced burnout that began to drastically affect my life. Over a year ago, along with some other changes (exercise, diet changes, etc), I began using Qualia Life and Qualia Mind. These products immediately made a positive impact and continue to not only lessen my stress but improve my ...Read more.
Pascal D. - 2021-03-03
Love it. Feel a clean focus. Replaced my coffee habit. Will be back for more.
ARNY P. - 2021-03-03
Ever since I started taking Qualia my focus feels just a bit more razor like. It's my new obsession.