Scott M. - 2023-04-11
Been using Qualia for several years Definitely notice an improvement in my mental sharpness
Cameron S. - 2023-04-08
Just got it and the bottle looks nice. Pills are all there so I'll definitely try it out and see how I feel.
Tanner C. - 2023-04-07
It’s all I use and I find it to be as useful, maybe better, thank other option. I’m a lifer for this now.
Robert B. - 2023-04-07
Gives me the little boost I need to get going about my day.
Joni P. - 2023-04-06
Since starting Qualia Vision, I have noticed an improvement in my sight. I am also dealing with dry eye and this is helping with that as well. I am so happy to have found Qualia!
Yudi X. - 2023-04-05
my mind feels powerful and jacked
Theodora Y. - 2023-04-05
It helps with focusing when I study
Jason G. - 2023-04-05
I've tried similar products that work well but upset my stomach. This was not the case with Qualia Focus. These are natural, easy on the body and produce noticeable results in days not weeks. Do yourself a favor and at least check them out for 30 days. You will be pleasantly surprised.
T M. - 2023-04-03
Best neurotropics and vision supplements on the market.
Felipe B. - 2023-04-03
This product actually works! I get to spend quality time on my work and focus on things I want to.
Sarah B. - 2023-04-03
Fastest Shipping of any subscription I have. Amazing product. Clarity and clear, level head action. Love it.
Jamon H. - 2023-04-03
Great product recommending it to all friends.
Eric B. - 2023-04-02
Overall, I have to say that this product has by far been the best cognitive support supplement that I have tried. The combination of patented ingredients and nootropics makes this both excitatory while also calmly focused as opposed to other supplements that make you so excited it almost causes anxiety.
Kelly M. - 2023-04-02
I have been doing a lot of research on bio hacking and anti-aging for many years. So when I came across this company, I was very intrigued. Having taken some bio, hacking supplements in the past with favorable results. I had high hopes for this product, but nothing could have prepared me for my fairly instant results. After the second day of taking, I can say, I have not felt this good in many years. I have had more sustained energy and feeling of well-being than I have had since I can remem...Read more.
Keira T. - 2023-03-29
I had a great experience on day 1 of taking Qualia Mind, despite not having slept much the night before. I was surprised to feel tons of energy, motivation, and focus after just an hour of taking 3 capsules of Qualia Mind. This is a testament to the potency of the product and its ability to support cognitive function. I would highly recommend!
Vasil V. - 2023-03-28
This product can open your mind to so much more in life. The mood regulation and the opening of the senses is something that takes time to take in. The effect is almost instant, but the journey just starts there.
Brian H. - 2023-03-28
This product is amazing! I’ve tried multiple Nootropic products that worked well, but this blows them out of the water. Thank you Qualia!
Tanasha A. - 2023-03-27
So far, the product has been working well for me. I'll update later on the results.
John B. - 2023-03-26
Energy and focus all day long!!
Stephen M. - 2023-03-25
Incredible. I like to take Qualia Life post morning workout with fruit, nuts and water. Makes me feel energized and comfortable when taking on physical and mental tasks throughout the day
Logan B. - 2023-03-24
During my first day I already felt more in tune with whatever Inwas doing and whatever was happening around me without feeling overwhelmed. I maintained a calm and focused energy all day. And that's WITHOUT getting the best sleep lately or having the healthiest diet. I can only imagine how much more effective it will be once I get my sleep hygiene back on track and my diet up to par which I feel this product can act as a catalyst for helping to get back on track!
Tracie W. - 2023-03-23
Love this product. My focus is awesome!
Peter E. - 2023-03-21
Just two consecutive days of taking Senolytic for the month. Too early to know for sure how it's cleaning up zombie cells but I trust the science. I have been taking Qualia Life this month as well on the days that I didn't take Senolytic. I do feel like a have more energy and clearer thoughts.
Sam R. - 2023-03-21
Qualia Mind (w/ caffeine) is a fantastic product that really provides focus and clarity w/o jitters or comedown.
Sergio P. - 2023-03-20
Helped me focus in many activities.