Elizabeth M. - 2022-09-12
I like I can control how much I take. So far so good.
Salih Tuncer M. - 2022-09-12
Qualia is the most efficient product I have used to enhance mental clarity and memory I strongly recommend
Xander W. - 2022-09-12
Was not expecting it to work as good as it did- exactly what I was looking for and helped me lower my caffeine intake, and feel significantly less stressed and in my flow state all day long
Jonathan L. - 2022-09-11
Just a note to say their shipping was faster than expected! I literally ordered this maybe a day and half ago. Super excited to try this - their formulations are well known. Try to buy it all separately and you’d spend much much more!
Tyler G. - 2022-09-10
I used to be on ADD meds and decided I didn’t want have to rely on medication. I have recently tried this supp and at the full dosage I have much improved focus and drive without anxious feelings.
Brandon B. - 2022-09-10
If you need to focus this will definitely help
Mike H. - 2022-09-09
Love this stuff! Always feel dialed in and ready to crush the day!
Logan C. - 2022-09-08
Absolutely love this product and highly recommend to anyone. I have noticed a considerable increase in energy throughout the day and increased focus at work!
Roger C. - 2022-09-08
Qualia Mind works amazing, I have energies to do all of my work throughout the day and then workout at night which I had always struggled. For me the pills are very strong and some nights I was sleepless, I am now taking less than the recommended dosage and some weeks I take an extra day without them. Besides this they work amazing
Scott B. - 2022-09-08
I've really enjoyed the simplicity of using this product, it should replace almost all the other supplements you're using.
Taj R. - 2022-09-07
I felt a great deal of mental energy, keep up the great work 🤟
Kattie T. - 2022-09-07
I’m a hairstylist and this stuff majorly boosts my mood at work and has given me so much drive. I feel like the energizer bunny.
Guest - 2022-09-05
I literally just took my first dosage of mind. I'm overwhelmed because of how great focus is. You guys are good I feel more of myself now.
dav b. - 2022-09-05
I didn't realize how much I needed to feel calmer! This stuff really helps!
Kylan W. - 2022-09-04
Mind caffeine free keeps me dialed in without the jumps and jitters of caffeine. Love it!
Andre S. - 2022-09-04
Beautiful and I feel like Professor exavior. Shipping was fast and indeed the expectations of such a company well spoken of.
Sixto S. - 2022-09-03
I've taken Qualia mind by itself and was blown away then but taking it together with Qualia Night, oh my! A complete game changer for me.
Mike S. - 2022-09-02
Was impressed by the ingredient list, as it’s far more extensive than any multi-vitamin. This replaces my prior multivitamin/mineral daily line-up. The 5-day on/two-day off regimen is also great protocol. And.. so far, so good!
Andre S. - 2022-09-02
It works
Brandi E. - 2022-08-30
Can't wait to start taking these supplements again.
John P. - 2022-08-27
Just received Qualia Mind and Qualia Sleep! Looking forward to the results!
Cindy T. - 2022-08-26
Purchased because of the impressive ingredient list! Haven't used it long enough to speak to effectiveness. Shipment was received quickly.
Muhanaad D. - 2022-08-25
At first , wasn’t too excited about swallowing 7 of these every morning. But, they have been an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins. I feel the effects going on day 2. I think it’s only going to get better. I feel sharper, more aware and overall happier.
Jeisson P. - 2022-08-24
excelente producto
Monique N. - 2022-08-24
I'm only on the second bottle and I notice a big difference. My outlook is improving as my mind is becoming more clear regarding daily tasks and long range goals.