CARLOS C. - 2024-04-02
Amazing products, did my research before getting them and they have not disappointed
Shani P. - 2024-04-02
Great product for someone who needs to stay focused all day
Cory C. - 2024-04-01
First time being able to order Qualia Life and after 3 days I am feeling fantastic!
Lois M. - 2024-04-01
Very Alert Full on Energy
Merideth H. - 2024-03-31
I was worried I'd have a stomach reaction to the herbs in this product. I have had none. I am only in rhe 1st 2 weeks, but I'm excited to see some great effects in the future. Thank you!
Margaret D. - 2024-03-31
Clinically Tested Formula, I have been taking it for a while, and I have felt increased clarity of thought. I am looking forward to try this again in consecutive months as I absorb the intel on the related clinical studies
Sam A. - 2024-03-31
Worked like it said. Enjoyed a few bottles do far
Yasemin V. - 2024-03-31
I have just bought it. Very corious about the results. after I use it for a while I will update my review
Karin B. - 2024-03-31
I was surprised at how quickly this product made me feel more focused as less tired. I just got my husband to try it too.
Ildiko K. - 2024-03-31
I love this product
George A. - 2024-03-30
A few days after the first dose (6 pills day one, 6 pills day two) and I feel good. I didn't have any side effects and I have a clear head, which is somewhat unusual for me. I recognize it's early on and there's more still to be seen. I have committed to take this for at least 6 doses (6 months).
Robert I. - 2024-03-29
i was feeling exhausted and unmotivated and i now seem to feel different. it must be the NAD+
Gordon D. - 2024-03-29
Niagen plus other ingredients at a very reasonable price.
Anthony D. - 2024-03-28
Everyone is more mindful, energetic and happy when I hand these out.
Margaret L. - 2024-03-28
I am so grateful for a company that is engineering products to truly help our health with clean ingredients. I have done so much damage to myself with stress and poor nutrition, and I look forward to the benefits taking Qualia products.
Will C. - 2024-03-28
Just ordered 2 of the Qualia Mind products and started it this week. Started at full dose of 7 capsules. Could definitely feel a more calm and alert sense of focus without any jitters. Will update again after a week of use.
Nicholas P. - 2024-03-27
First time trying it and it was great!
Martha N. - 2024-03-27
The best days of the month are when I take Qualia Senolytic - It eases aches and pains and clears my mind. I can feel when it is time to take them again and look forward to the next shipment!
Cynthia M. - 2024-03-25
My skin is releasing congestion and old cells I have a new me!!🐎😘❤️
Mariya H. - 2024-03-24
I saw a difference in my skin after only a week of use - my skin was more even toned, pores less visible and no need for any kind of foundation or BB or CC creams! Will definitely keep it in my routine.
MICHAEL C. - 2024-03-23
Qualia Mind by Neurohacker Collective provides the mental focus, drive & recall that I need as a full-time Field Service Engineer. It helps me cope with stress & daily pressures from job & travel. Believe me, I've tried just about any product on the market to deal with brain fog, recall & focus and nothing comes close to Qualia Mind.
Ashley A. - 2024-03-23
I have had a positive outcome with this product. I will definitely continue using this.
Michael R. - 2024-03-22
I am halfway through my first round of Qualia Senolytic, I don’t feel any difference yet, but I’m trusting in the science that the supplements work.
Brian M. - 2024-03-22
The list of ingredients is impressive enough, but what matters most is that this stuff knocks me out. In a good way.
Deb A. - 2024-03-22
I have taken Qualia Life for a few months. I have to say that I feel more energetic after starting the product, I am getting better quality sleep as well. There are several more products that I am going to order since I have had such positive results from Qualia Life!