Kodi O. - 2023-11-15
I feel fresh and revived from just one day of using it. I've been feeling low and weighed down lately. Now I feel new.
Jacob W. - 2023-11-15
I absolutely love how Qualia Mind is able to regenerate and restore my cognition. I used to be incredibly sharp and then I had for many years abused Cannabis and had found it was harder to recall certain events and even my ability to spell went down. Upon taking Qualia.. It was almost a spiritual experience for me, the first time I took it the evening of I saw auras around plants, it was so cool! Aside from that I can feel a greater sense of mental organization and a MUCH faster recall. This ...Read more.
Tarah G. - 2023-11-14
Real focus support that works
Jerome J. - 2023-11-14
After a trip out of state a month ago, I got sick and had stomach problems. I didn't know what was going on so I stopped taking all my supplements to reset my system. I decided to try Qualia Synbiotic and I'm so happy I did!! It's been a life saver. I finally feel back to normal and back to my old self. I'm so glad I gave Synbiotic a try! I highly recommend this product.
Jackie H. - 2023-11-14
I was busy the entire day into the evening without feeling faint. That was my first use of this product. Now I want to order it again to confirm this result.
Effie W. - 2023-11-14
The first few days Qualia Focus made me feel a bit anxious. After just a few days it no longer did that. Now it gives me energy and a sense of well being. I love it!
Christopher B. - 2023-11-14
There are many scenarios throughout my day where I would usually experience high levels of anxiety. However, when taking Qualia (caffeine free), the anxiety is almost non-existent.
Christopher B. - 2023-11-14
There are many scenarios where I would normally experience high levels of anxiety. However, when taking Qualia (caffeine free), the anxiety is almost non-existent.
Kelly B. - 2023-11-14
Qualia, or Neurohacker, products may be just a bit more of a financial investment, but I believe it to be one of the most well- researched and formulated cognitive supplement lines I have come across. Typically, it's very difficult to assess the efficacy of a supplement product itself (amidst the many that you likely take already as it is), but Qualia has consistently been one of the few brands that I actually *notice* any sort of measurable difference in my focus and energy. Now I just wish ...Read more.
Laurie M. - 2023-11-12
I love Qualia mind. Much more energy and much better mood.
Dawn M. - 2023-11-11
I was pleasantly surprised by the results of the Qualia Sensolytic. A few days post use I had an upswing in energy and noticed my skin looked healthier.
Melissa D. - 2023-11-11
I’m only a day past taking the 6 pills and I already feel different. Maybe it’s the power of the mind! After hearing a podcast about this product, I had to give it a try. I’m excited to use it long term and will report back!
Dawn K. - 2023-11-09
I noticed a difference in a scar on my left arm by the end of the first day. What had been rigid and puckered was smoothed out. Additionally noticed a remarkable difference in my scar from cleft lip surgery. It appear softer and my lip looked and more importantly felt more relaxed and not drawn up. GRATEFUL!
Crystal S. - 2023-11-08
I felt energy about two hours after taking the first dose of these pills and it lasted for nine hours. Great product, steady focused energy. Made my brain fog disappear!
Pearl M. - 2023-11-08
This is such an amazing product with so many high purity ingredients for the gut. I’ve had digestive problems most of my life and so happy to have found Synbiotic, making it easy with one scoop a day in liquids to drink to support my digestion. Love it!
ZINDY C. - 2023-11-08
It is not often I leave reviews on products unless I am very impressed. Many times we take supplements and we may have a subtle change, or we don't see the change after a couple of months of use. With the Qualia Mind, I took the dosage on the bottle (7 capsules); I was able to meditate for over 30 minutes without any effort, and without thoughts released in my mind. I was able to just be, feeling my body to the point I can feel my magnetic field expand out way more than usual; all because ...Read more.
Brian D. - 2023-11-07
I feel like I get more done and retain more information. I’ve tried other supplements but Qualia is my favorite.
Ileana D. - 2023-11-07
I’m a synesthete. My husband is neurotypical. He hasn’t noticed a difference on how he feels but I had a very different experience due to my synesthesia. It was like rebooting my brain and slowly getting more mental clarity. I’m a color projector so I visually saw these changes. I highly recommend this product. You might not feel a difference but I can asure you there are some profound changes happening in your body.
Nena J. - 2023-11-06
I have been struggling with intense brain fog, so I went to a naturopath and he recommended trying this, in addition to a couple of other things. I really enjoy this product and after about a week of being on it, I can tell a difference.
Kitty C. - 2023-11-05
Innovative product
katie t. - 2023-11-05
Quality product and I can almost feel my cells doing cartwheels! Curious to see how I feel after using for months.
David A. - 2023-11-05
I added Qualia Night to my sleep routine supplementation and noticed that it contributed to a more relaxed state leading up to bedtime. It’s important to make sure you take it a few hours before to maximize the effects.
Steven L. - 2023-11-03
I got an unflavored and tropical flavored synbiotic. I tried the tropical by itself and was blown away by how refreshing a fiber + pre/pro/post biotic could taste. My digestive tract had no negative feedback from its introduction. So far less bloating and bowel movements are more pleasant. I'm sure I'd have more good to say as my digestion continues to improve with its use.
Morena C. - 2023-11-03
Would buy again
Dana C. - 2023-11-03
The NAD+ gives me more energy that I’ve lost over time.