Charles E. - 2022-01-09
Excited to start this, just got it and took it 3 minutes ago. Already the world looks like the matrix code and I can feel myself astrally projecting into the beyond realm. Just kidding. But after reading a review of this stuff by Ben Greenfield I felt like I got a contact high just from reading his article.
Kaynnera C. - 2022-01-09
I researched and heard many great things, and I am excited. The quality is worth the price.
Tracey G. - 2022-01-08
Recieved my product fast... excieted to start it today
Devin M. - 2022-01-07
While you could get many of the ingredients elsewhere, some are hard to find. Also measuring 20+ powders is extremely annoying and you can’t travel with it. I appreciate the convenience of the bottle. After stopping for several months, I noticed a large decrease in my productivity, sleep quality, and mental clarity. So this supplement certainly helps, at least in my case.
J B. - 2022-01-07
Absolutely love this! I take it with Lions Mane and the combination is a game changer
Alba M. - 2022-01-07
I have been using Qualia mind for 3 years on 5 days on 2 days off. It has cahnged my life and made my mind younger and unspoppable while performing fantastic at work.
Timothy C. - 2022-01-07
In this era dominated by blue light and computer screens, your eyes need nutritional support. The experts at Neurohacker have found the solution!
Adriano E. - 2022-01-07
I was skeptical, but I am no more. I feel sharp like I haven't in a long time! I am impressed.
Eloisa B. - 2022-01-07
I've been using Qualia Mind for at least 3 years. Every time I take the supplements in the morning, within 10 minutes, I am focused and ready to tackle whatever comes my way with ease and focus. I love Qualia!
Darius J. - 2022-01-06
By far the best product I have ever taken. Allows me to stay focused on school work longer without experiencing as much mental fatigue.
Chris T. - 2022-01-06
Has totally changed my life. I lived with brain fog that was almost debilitating a lot of the time. My head is clear and focus is astonishing. Not to be redundant but it really has changed my life.
Annie B. - 2022-01-06
I swear by this product. Helps with focus and clarity, and even sometimes creates a mild sense of euphoria. I appreciate the way it improves my ability to tackle tasks one thing at a time without the stressful monkey mind kicking in. LOVE IT. Worth the money.
Kelsey A. - 2022-01-06
Qualia night is so helpful in being part of my daily regiment to sleep.
Sha-Quille K. - 2022-01-06
This product is amazing! You can feel it working in a matter of minutes! I become super alert and ready to tackle the day!
David M. - 2022-01-05
I've been taking Qualia Mind for nearly 5 years now (starting with the original formula) and can definitely notice my focus and clarity dip a bit when I haven't taken it. There is definitely an edge in terms of energy too that I notice working out on it vs. not. Also, it allows me to sometimes just dive into situations like big presentations at work and feel like I'm always in a flow state.
Jacob B. - 2022-01-03
Throughout the last year, being in a leadership position has been extremely stressful. Qualia Mind helps me focus and boosts my mental health for a productive day
Kati B. - 2022-01-03
Qualia Mind is an excellent addition to my focus/energy/cognition stack. I feel clear and energized and have more motivation to complete projects that I used to struggle with.
Joe W. - 2022-01-02
This is my breakfast
Jesse B. - 2022-01-02
I've tried up to a dozen different nootropics... from your Alpha Brain to Modafinil... and while they all have some great things, Qualia Mind is the only one I could deliberately notice sharper recall and memory, focus, and drive.
Brandon T. - 2022-01-01
Customer service was excellent and I received the product in just a couple of days! Can't wait to try it out! I will leave another review after the first week.
Jennifer B. - 2021-12-31
I have only used a sample of this product and was so impressed. Raised my level of focus significantly without any jitters of any kind and no come down. Really looking forward to having this regularly in my life.
Hyeonjin L. - 2021-12-31
Very satisfied. If you are on the fence of purchase, at least try it out.
David F. - 2021-12-31
Everything I ever wanted and more.
Julian J. - 2021-12-29
Anru C. - 2021-12-29
Take it every morning. Cycle off every 2 months. Essential for my daily regimen.