Steven Kotler

Steven Kotler is an American authorjournalist, and entrepreneur. His articles have appeared in over 70 publications, including The New York Times MagazineLA TimesWiredTime Magazine, and GQ. He is best known for his non-fiction books, including the New York Times bestseller AbundanceA Small Furry PrayerWest of JesusBold, The Rise of Superman and Stealing Fire.

Kotler is well regarded as one of the world's leading experts on Ultimate Human Performance. While, best known for his work on Flow, Kotler also writes about the use of other non-ordinary states of consciousness in optimizing performance. He is also the Founder of the Flow Research Collective, a research and training organization.

The mission of the Flow Research Collective is to understand the science behind ultimate human performance and use it to train up individuals and organizations. By decoding the neurobiology of flow—understanding what is going on in the brain and in the body when humans are performing at their best—the Collective believe's they can open up a new possibility space for human potential. Flow Research Collective also trains leaders in all domains to get more flow so they can benefit from the performance enhancements the state provides.

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