Garrett H. reviewed Qualia Night | Beta Tester

almost 4 years ago

Increase in Quality of Sleep

After taking this product for four days, I haven't experienced a dramatic change in overall sleep duration. However, what I notice most is my overall quality of sleep and time spent staying asleep. Comparing my previous sleep data I see a significant difference in the early hours of my cycle. I sleep deeper and stay asleep much longer, waking up 2-3 times less when taking this product. I am still getting roughly the same amount of sleep, 6-7 hours on average, with 8 -8.5 hours as my goal each night. Taken at around 7:45 p.m. you don't experience a sedated like feeling, however I feel a sense of calming within. This calming sense, in my opinion, made it much easier to fall sound asleep. For the first time in recent memory I slept an entire night without waking. Overall I haven't taken this product long enough to truly notice all of its benefits, but this initial trial is extremely promising. I already preordered a few bottles and will continue analyzing my sleep accordingly.

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Gregory E. March 5, 2024

more consistent sleep

Since taking Qualia Night I sleep better and for longer. I no longer need a nap after lunch every afternoon.

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Christian S. January 18, 2024

Quality rest

I First took qualia focus to help me with work but pairing it with qualia night was the best choose ever. I’ve always struggled staying asleep throughout the night. Since taking Qualia night I feel more rested in the morning which helps with brain fog, fatigue, and tiredness. Great product.

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David C. July 20, 2020

Definitely recommend, significant improvement on recovery.

I started taking Qualia Night and immediately noticed an average increase in my recovery based on my Whoop band data. The recovery score is based of resting heart rate, HRV, and respiratory rate, which all seemed to improve when taking this product. I have been highly recommending this product to...

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Justin K. July 14, 2020


Great supplement woke up refreshed even if I didn't get a full night's sleep.

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