Carol P. reviewed Qualia Life

over 1 year ago


Not working at all. I feel more tired and forgetful. Was hoping for the best

Neurohacker Collective
Thank you for trying Qualia Life. We are sorry it didn't match with your chemistry. Our Customer Support team issued a full refund on your Qualia Life purchase, and canceled your Qualia Life subscription. Please feel free to respond back to them at [email protected] if necessary. We wish you the very best.

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Bradley K. May 11, 2020

Great product

Feeling great!

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Ryan B. August 28, 2020

Too many pills

I didn't really notice any notice effects compared to Qualia. I think ultimately you've got to find a way to reduce the amount of pills for a dose, 8 is just simply too much and I'm very used to taking pills

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Catherine M. January 17, 2021

Eternus 2 beta trial

I didn't notice any significant change to energy or mental clarity. I noticed a moderate increase in my ability to focus. I felt like I needed more time to see the real effect. I had an energy dip on the 2nd day of taking them, then normalized. I did not like taking 8 capsules in the morning.

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nick s. July 28, 2022


so far so good

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