Bruce S. reviewed Qualia Mind

9 months ago

Qualia Mind - Next Level. A Phenomenal Product!

I’m 62 ... no spring chicken... but I’ve always been active and am in better shape than most 30 year olds. That said... being in shape physically is not the same as being in shape mentally. So the first thing I noticed was how alert I was... and I’m talking about on my first dose within an hour. Literally! I was more attentive. More focused. Not is a ‘buzzy’ kind of way... like nothing I’ve ever experienced. My brain was synapsing like ... I can’t remember when! I smashed a ‘honey-do’ list in hours. Things I’d been procrastinating about for months... nailed them. I cannot recommend this product more highly... I’m an advocate! One more quick note ... I’ve been battling with staying on point, staying focused, my mind wanders. Well... I listened to a podcast between Daniel Schmachtenberger (Neurohacker Collective CEO) and Jamie Wheal on Sensemaking - which in and of itself is higher level thinking and ordinarily I would have tuned out after minutes. Not this time .... I stayed glued as I drove and was able to retain so much information to the point where I could relay salient points of the conversation to my wife. Incredible. Highly recommend this product! Is it legal! :0)

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Anthony D. September 7, 2021


Absolutely the best nootropics on the market ever since I started taking Qualia mind I have noticed a big difference in my day-to-day life and I love it! I wouldn't shop anywhere else this is the best of the best.

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Serj G. July 21, 2021

5 stars

Cynthia R. July 10, 2021

Appreciate the Focus

I appreciate the subtle tweak on my focus. I’ve tried many notropic combinations and nothing seemed to help. I’m addressing some gut issues, as well, which can impede my concentration, however, I’ve noticed a difference since adding Qualia to my mix of supplements. The only suggestions I have ...

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Justin D. February 20, 2018

The new GOD pill has arrived

For qualia's latest formulation I enjoy that it is one supplement and it can help throughout the day during a hectic storm of many people bombarding ones mind. Life is tough at times and this formulation really hit my frontal cortex in a whole new way to calm my monkey brain and sooth the heighte...

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