Megan M. reviewed Qualia Resilience | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Really could tell a difference

I couldn’t really tell a difference yet

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BRAD F. July 13, 2022

Increased Cognition.

This product seemed to allow me to work a physically demanding job at the age of 46, with less fatigue, body aches and brain fog when today's RF waves wreak havoc on the body and brain.

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Ghilaine C. July 19, 2022

Thrive under Pressure? YES!YES!YES!

My goal is to live a stress free life...thats not always an option. This product helped me so much. I highly recommend it.

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Brian K. July 27, 2022

Not a fan of this one

I noticed a change but it was toouch for me

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Kyle Z. July 26, 2022


Not much of a noticeable difference . I guess I noticed slightly better.

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