Beth P. reviewed Qualia Night

over 3 years ago

So excited to try it but will not be buying it

The first night it had a wonderful effect of euphoria and lucid dreaming and I woke up feeling refreshed, rested and in a good mood. But the remaining four nights that I took it the euphoria and lucid dreaming did not happen and it left me feeling drained and somewhat irritable each morning; as if I had only gotten three or four hours of sleep each night but I slept a full eight hours each day that week.

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Tierney W. August 20, 2020

Feeling of calm and peace

I felt mild relaxation within an hour after taking it and feel asleep fairly easily. I highly recommend this product for help with a calm mood and falling asleep easier.

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Nicholas M. July 24, 2020

Good but not great.

I didnt notice much effect at all on sleeping, it helped me relax a little bit but actually had me feeling wired.

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andy f. September 17, 2021

3 stars

Taylor Berkley B. March 19, 2020

Deep Sleep Concerns

I had no negative experience with this product at all but at the same time, no overtly positive one either. I did not see any significant increase in sleep quantity or quality during the duration of this test and my personal issue, not getting enough Deep Sleep, was not really impacted at all.

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