Michael D. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

almost 2 years ago

Still interested

No noticeable effect after 2 doses (I'm typically someone who responds best to higher doses and I'm not as aware of what's happening in my body as I'd like to be) but information that came with it was stellar.I loved seeing the information-filled packaging. Customer services was quick to respond, as always! Thank you Neurohacker!

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Win P. October 24, 2023


I do believe this is one of the best opportunities to feel a true and clean difference. Clarity, direction, energy, no slumps...what more could one ask for. I am cancelling because the delivery people where I live cant seem to deliver it. Someone found my order in the parking lot. It was pretty...

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Mary E. October 19, 2023

So far feeling great

I’m be only done one month of Qualia Senolytic but I’m already noticing that I feel clearer headed and have a bit more energy. Can’t wait to see what happens next month!

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Cristen D. August 4, 2023

Quality Product!

I am very impressed with my first usage of this product. The enhancement to how I feel overall was subtle, but I noticed my knee pain was less than it had been previously. I’m looking forward to seeing and feeling the effects after six months of sustained usage.

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Toby C. August 20, 2023

Qualia Senolytic

Great product. Helped with bloating

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