Melissa S. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

The Real Deal

Don't judge until you try.........has massively changed my energy and mind

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John Eaton December 10, 2019

Procrastination has ended

Been using it for three months now, regular flow states, feeling mentally strong, balanced, clear and sorted. Procrastination has ended, I just do it. Just an older average Joe who suddenly got focused, now planning and moving forward. It works for me.

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Walt W. December 16, 2019

Subtle ...

Been through a bottle so far and have not noticed anything dramatic, but I feel a bit more resilient and a bit less foggy than I have in the past. I also started Eternus shortly after starting Mind so I am limiting my comments to brain changes. The changes are positive enough so far to contin...

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Scott R. March 9, 2020

Owner of ALOC Media

Qualia is the best nootropic supplement on the market. If you don’t start taking this to improve focus and productivity, you are doing yourself a disservice. I have seen a dramatic increase in effective communication, commitment to healthy habits, long term and short term goal setting/clarity and...

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Jose P. January 24, 2024

Was skeptical as first tbh

4.5/5 Really good product but recommend taking with food. Upsets my stomach when most things don't. Start off slow with 3 or 4 then get accustom to it. Going to try the energy shots next!

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