Our Approach

Why We Need a New Approach to Science

According to reductionist approaches in science the human organism can be explained entirely in terms of its individual, constituent parts and their interactions. To explain something means to break it into parts, the smaller or more basic the better.

The field of nootropics and cognitive enhancement has largely followed reductionist tendencies. Research has proliferated. There is truly a wealth of scientific findings focused on individual neurotransmitters, mechanisms, parts of the neurotransmission cycle, cell walls, receptor sites, brain/blood flow, and hundreds of other isolated variables.

Lots of parts…lots of “findings” and “mechanisms.” But no meta-theory of the complex interactions that make up the whole. Many various disconnected insights will always fall short of addressing the complex dynamics of interacting parts. Too many products are developed to narrowly optimize one aspect of our cognitive capability, only to have unexpected drawbacks and impacts on others.

NHC is developing a fundamentally novel approach. We are bringing together the best scientific research on each individual mechanism and pathway supporting cognitive development, and integrating them into a whole systems view; a complex framework of integrative neuroscience.

By performing a principled meta-analysis and synthesis of existing research, we can better understand the complex dynamics and emergent homeostatic relationships within the brain. From these kinds of insights we yield a truly advanced complex meta-theory of cognitive enhancement. This is the basis for the best nootropic stacks ever made.

Understanding the System: The Theory

A whole systems approach to the mind/brain interface requires stepping back and capturing every relevant factor. You have to examine the psychological, neurological and pharmacological dimensions themselves as complex systems and how each of these interacts with and feeds back on the others. You want to note and take advantage of synergetic relationships and how even small changes can lead to negative externalities to be avoided (called “side effects” by some folks). You have to carefully account for the particularities of how different chemistries interact with the body, and with each other, and then use all of this modeling to select just the right balance of form and dosage with each ingredient.

Complex systems are famously sensitive. Failure to account for the whole system can drive short term effects at the cost of damaging long term equilibrium. But, if you can develop a true whole-systems approach, you can move the entire system into a higher homeostasis.

Neurology Approach - Skeletons and Muscles
Neurology Approach - Neurons

A Snapshot of Applied Neuropsychopharmacology

We performed a comprehensive analysis of neuroscience research to determine the underlying regulatory hardware responsible for mediating our desired subjective and performative effects. Our approach seeks to support all those physiologic pathways and processes, with the goal of evolving a more robust and complex neural network and regulatory system functioning.


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