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Can I take Qualia Focus in addition to other Qualia products?

Yes, for some Qualia products, and for others, on an everyday basis, it will depend on the person. We consider Qualia Focus to be a great complement to Qualia Immune, Qualia Life, Qualia Night, and Qualia Vision. Combining Qualia Focus with other Qualia products would be dependent on a person’s sensitivity to caffeine. Qualia Focus, Qualia Mind, Qualia Mind Essentials, and Qualia Nootropic Energy Shot all contain caffeine and caffeine is not a “more is better” nootropic ingredient. Combining Qualia Focus with either Qualia Mind, Mind Essentials, or Nootropic Energy Shot would supply an amount of caffeine we’d consider to be at the top end of the nootropic range. This is an amount of caffeine that some people prefer but which may be too stimulating for other individuals.

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