Pilot Study Indicates Qualia Mind Improving Reasoning, Episodic Memory, Verbal Ability and Concentration

08/07/2018  - Neurohacker Collective recently began a pilot study using the CBS Health platform powered by Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS)—a leading provider of cognitive testing tools—to help customers receive quantitative feedback on their current brain health.  After 5 days of taking Qualia Mind, participants saw an average 85.4% increase in scores to measure ability to concentrate/avoid distraction, 37.2% increase in scores for planning skills, 31.1% increase in scores for visual representation, 16.9% increase in scores for verbal reasoning, 13.3% increase in scores for verbal short-term memory, and 10.2% increase in scores for episodic memory. While these are just preliminary findings on a small number of people, they are exciting initial results to see. For additional details on the study visit neurohacker.com/qualia-mind-pilot-study.

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