Jerome A. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

almost 2 years ago



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Ben F. March 8, 2018

Satisfied customer

Great product for sure...for me it was gradual but now I have a clear mind and feel much more organized mentally!! Highly recommend Qualia to anyone!

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Andrea D. December 12, 2017



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Matt H. February 14, 2018

Didn't work for me

Didn't really work for me, it was like drinking a redbull. It gave me energy but it certainly wasn't 100$ worth of energy.

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Mel Z. January 16, 2018

Qualia user for more than a year - still works like a charm

The first 6 months of using the product gave me a mental and focus boost. The more I use the product, I see enhancements related to mood and being able to be calm under pressure. Looking forward to see the new Qualia version hit the market where there is only need for one Step, as opposed to t...

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