Roger G. reviewed Qualia Mind

10 months ago

5 stars

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Cian H. November 29, 2023

Severe fatigue sufferer - cured

Okay, a bit sensational in the title. Not cured but while taking qualia mind and life it has completely changed my life energy after work both mental and physical. Better mornings and able to think clearly and with energy for the entire work day instead of burning out at 12. Been telling everyone...

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Debbie . May 23, 2022

The benefits happen on day one.

Makes getting through my day so much easier!!

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jordanis l. September 2, 2023

Great boost of Energy, take with caution to what you will use it for

I tend to use this product when im getting ready for a long study session, it helps me focus for sure! I have to be quite careful at not getting distracted, unfortunately this doesn't help too much with distractions, but it does help with focus overall! Also since it has so much b12 It helps my w...

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Kayla P. March 23, 2022

Ordering Again!!

Qualia Mind helps my memory and helps me focus on my job. It puts my brain in high gear for the days that demand more push! My husband likes Qualia Sleep too!

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