Brian W. reviewed Qualia Life

9 months ago

4 stars

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Carole A. March 29, 2024


Basically, I'm having a feeling of having needs met within my body. More intact and that means I feel able to function and deal with life as is another feeling and experience I'm having. Age 73

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Carla M. September 26, 2018

Essentially it felt like I was firing on all cylinders when I was taking the product. And not just from my brain but my whole body. I have been so effective and efficient at work that if I end up with a nice raise I will have you to thank. I’ve already been receiving great recognition in the last...

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Robert B. September 15, 2020

Excellent motivator

I felt it on the second day - I felt more energized, and was able to get things started (always the hardest part)

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Kota I. July 21, 2022


Of all the supplements I take, this one tops the list.

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