Thomas D. reviewed Qualia Life

7 months ago

5 stars

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Patrick M. August 30, 2020

One Week Eternus Test

Over the first few days of the beta period there were times when I sensed an elevated sense of energy and motivation. I was physically more active than normal during this time and felt ready to take on challenges. The subtle boost seemed to taper off as the week went on. I detected no noticeable ...

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Eli C. July 29, 2023

When it comes to pills going in my body I am VERY picky. Thank you Neurohacker for being the kind of company I can TRUST

I LOVE all your products I have taken, and I think I have taken all but one now. SUPERB Quality. Thank you!

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Cristina M. August 24, 2023

Great product ..

Looking forward to see how this product works long term.

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Julio S. September 30, 2022

5 stars