Gage W. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

over 2 years ago

I can feel the effects, especially after the first few weeks. I was taking Athletic Greens as well, but something in that formulation in cooperation with Qualia Mind was giving me anxiety. I am pretty familiar with supplements and have been experimenting for many years, so I've run into a few pitfalls when it comes to my brain chemistry and an abundance of certain compounds. I reduced my intake of the greens supplement and my anxiety went away. I have suffered brain fog issues as a result of having spent spent some time on a popular hair loss drug (Finasteride) and I've been looking for something to help combat the effects of that and maybe even bring me back to where I was before the PFS set in. This supplement has helped immensely with my quality of sleep, daily motivation, attention to detail, and even sexual function (praise be Mucuna). This product is definitely as advertised, and I certainly am enjoying the benefits I get, even hoping jt can help aid the recovery process from the damage done by Finasteride.

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Lelio D. January 17, 2022


Super grateful to have this. Didn't prioritize my brain health until I turned 30s; I'm grateful that this supplement gets me alert and focused, while also increasing my overall health. The second night after taking Qualia Mind, my subconscious could tell the difference, and thanked me.

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Heather M. October 26, 2021

Worth it

It's so nice to have (almost) all-in-one supplement options that are high quality and in the right proportions. I've read some complaints about the # of pills per serving, but since it condenses 15-20 other pills into 7 or 8, it's still better. Fewer pills and fewer bottles to deal with every mo...

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Michael B. October 4, 2021

5 stars

Richard W. August 3, 2021

Awesome product.

Incredible results after a few days. Tons of focus and energy. Was doubtful it would be worth the price. Absolutely worth every penny.

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