Judy M. reviewed Qualia Resilience | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

A Good Night's Sleep!

For me, this was a great product for reducing every day stress that culminates at the end of the day. It did help me to get a better night's sleep as well - I tend to relive all the day's issues in my head before bedtime and found while taking this product, that I did not. I was able to fall right to sleep - and stay asleep. I also found that I woke up feeling refreshed and rested. Not dreading the day ahead as I normally do.

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Kathleen D. July 28, 2022

Consistent energy levels

My energy levels were steady all day

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Carolyn R. August 12, 2023

Thanks for the Energy

This was recommended to me by a family member as I had been having a difficult time mustering the energy to move forward passed some major life challenges. Amazing how this product has helped me turn things around.

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Sean P. July 16, 2022

Calm during Stress

I was surprised how calm I was able to remain during stressful and very frustrating situations.

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Casey F. July 14, 2022

Another winner!

All Qualia products are magnificent

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