Jason H. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 2 years ago

A little extra energy.

Other than the little bit of extra energy (probably from the caffeine), I didn’t really notice anything.

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Robin C. November 14, 2022


It is a perfect balance in a nootropic. I have been a whole lot more focused and motivated in the early morning after trying Qualia Focus.

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Shawnee K. March 2, 2023

Great product

I am incredibly satisfied with the quelia focus product I feel more clarity and enhanced cognition using this product than any other neurotropic that I have tried. I don't feel any nausea from this product whereas other neurotropics have caused that sensation I am looking forward to continuing to...

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Jordan F. August 18, 2021

Focus without being wired

Not as much energy as with other products, but that is good in a way. Great focus, but doesn't keep you up so you also have to have a good sleep habit.

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Jennifer F. April 10, 2023

Happy with the results, not as happy with the cost

I loved the effect that Qualia Focus had, but am hesitant to become reliant on something I have to take every single day. It's a little too expensive to become a regular habit, and believe me, I'm frugal in many other ways, so it's not like I can cut something else to fit this into my budget. Wh...

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