Shaun P. reviewed Qualia Focus

over 1 year ago

A Little Kick

It's a great alternative to an energy drink or another cup of coffee. I would take two capsules- either in the morning or in the early afternoon. On some days- I would start the day off with 7 Qualia mind capsules around 8 am or 9 am and then by Noon I would take two Qualia Focus capsules. Other times, In the morning, I would take two Focus capsules at the same time as drinking the liquid Qualia mind energy shot. This helps me focus and helps me be less anxious for a few hours. It helps the day go smoother in general. I am a repeat customer!

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Fannie W. February 12, 2022

FOCUS Review

The initial ingestion was quite powerful,feeling both physically and mentally energectic once the brief experience of irritability and impatience had passed. I kept a daily journal to record my physical and mental state as well as the intake of food. Most days I abstained from my usual supplem...

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Joey G. August 22, 2021

Focus like a Laser

This product really increased my focus, allowing me to channel in on one project at a time. Wish it gave a little more energy, but we will see how I feel about it in the next week.

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Barry S. August 20, 2021


Feeling a little less foggy during the day.

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Muhammad H. December 5, 2023

I'm just trying to get my gift.

Yes it's a great product

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