Kim J. reviewed Qualia Synbiotic | Beta Tester

10 months ago

Less bloating

Love the product!

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Daniel S. June 16, 2023

I love it

I Could feel a difference after the first week and it doesn’t disappoint The packaging is great it has the exact amount in the scoop and it’s fairly easy to make early morning on the go it doesn’t have an amazing taste but it grows on you

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Jaron A. June 16, 2023

Great for gut health

After using the product for a week, I could tell a difference in my gut health. Less bloating and more regular bowel movements were what improved the most.

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KATHRYN M. December 26, 2023

Best gut support i have ever tried

This by far the most complete and health promoting gut support I have ever used and i have been making my own stacks for the past 10 years. Post menopause

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Heather D. June 30, 2023

More energy after meals

Feel really good taking it. Feel less bloated. Have seen slight positive change in mood. Doesn’t dissolve well though. I love the variety of ingredients. Many things that I have tried before on an individual basis, but never put together as one synergistic product.

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