Carol C. reviewed Qualia Mind

9 months ago

About time

I'm so happy to have found qualia to refresh and move away from brain fog.

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Eric T. August 18, 2022

Great For Studying

I'm back in college after being out for 15 years. I was worried that I was not going to be able to keep up with the studying regimen on the my first semester. After taking Qualia mind that changed everything. I'm killing it. Thanks Nuerohacker Collective!

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Brian P. August 13, 2022

Good Stuff

I’ve been taking Mind for several years now and I really do like it. I’ve tried to switch to other, less expensive options but I always end up coming back. Highly recommended.

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Josh L. July 29, 2021

1st Time User

So far so good, have experienced everything the Mind product advertised. Been very happy with the focus, energy, and loss of complacency in my day-to-day activities. Little pricey though :(

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Regina I. December 14, 2023

Just started

I just started this product. I’m in grad school and I work full time so I was looking for something that could support both. So far so good!

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