Roy B. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

11 months ago

Adds an edge but perhaps not enough to earn a permanent placement in my stack

Overall my experience with the product has been good, although I cannot say that I felt a strong effect in terms of alertness, energy or ability to focus vs. my baseline (i.e. I usually don't have an issue on this front). I took the shots on days I had to do concentrated work over sustained amounts of time. The product certainly did not detract from my capacity to execute and I do want to say that I felt a slight improvement (i.e. tighter focus/attention) but truthfully there might be a placebo-type effect happening, since I was expecting a kick? I don't see my self becoming a regular user of the product, since the increase in performance would probably not outweigh the cost per shot in my estimation. I do want to mention that a couple of times I felt my heart beating faster or some palpitations/jitteriness. I am a habitual coffee drinker so I don't think it was the caffeine in the product that caused this feeling. Happy to answer any specific questions you may have and look forward to testing other products for you.

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Keith R. February 14, 2021

More energy and motivation throughout the day. Sleep was slightly negatively impacted

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Clint K. February 9, 2021

Fast and great results fast

Really helped with afternoon lethargy

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Brandon P. May 4, 2019

Calm and Focused

This product made me feel sharper and more focused than normal. The only cons were brief feelings of irritation when distractions came up and I didn't enjoy the taste (as expected). Overall I would take this product again.

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Jason M. February 9, 2021

Effective from the beginning.

From the first day I started taking it I could feel a difference, especially after lunch. By the end of the trial, I am not feeling the usual drowsiness in the early afternoon. It feels good, clean, no jittery feelings.

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