Guest reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago

Almost perfect

Incredibly effective most times. It always comes with a Qualia promo card. Why not add a grid on it that lets me record how much/many I'm taking a day. Also, please start creating a way to start customizing my intake per month. I only take 2/4 instead of 3/6 which means one bottle lasts me more than a month, and since I'm a subscriber, the stock starts piling up.

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Lauren C. February 14, 2018

It is going well so far

I am taking it very slow - I am only on 1 tablet of step 1 and two of step 2 as I am very sensitive to uppers of any kind. I am on my second week of that protocol and am thinking of moving to 2 and 4 this coming Monday. I like it so far and am having a bit of an easier time focusing but I wou...

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Dillon E. November 24, 2017

Expected better

Not getting the results that were expected

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Brian G. January 6, 2018

Firing on All Cylinders

I'm on my second set of Qualia now due to it's ability to keep me alert 9-5 with no coffee needs or cravings. I love my coffee, and I just don't need it now when I take this Mon-Fri. I save coffee for the weekends on my days off from Qualia. The first day I took it at its lowest dose, I did feel ...

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Christopher S. February 6, 2018


Single Order

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