Pearl M. reviewed Qualia Synbiotic

5 months ago

Amazing product

This is such an amazing product with so many high purity ingredients for the gut. I’ve had digestive problems most of my life and so happy to have found Synbiotic, making it easy with one scoop a day in liquids to drink to support my digestion. Love it!

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Mike L. June 30, 2023

Seems to be going well

Seems to be going well I do like the taste - didn’t think I would

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LaSalle B. June 16, 2023

Balancing Gut microbiome

Still to early to notice any effect?? Could just be rebalancing gut microbiome to a healthier state.

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Derrick T. June 15, 2023

Feeling great!

Definitely makes me feel better and energetic through out the day.

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Scott L. July 10, 2023

Not Sure

I'm honestly not sure how this product worked for me. I did not see major improvements in my digestion, the same problem foods are still giving me problems, but maybe a little less bloating after meals overall?

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