Carson L. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

about 1 month ago

Basically brain drugs

I've had qualia mind a few years ago and kinda forgot about it. With the savings they offer through subscribing and coupon codes I got it at a great value and it has always immensely boosted productivity and brain activity.

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Anthony F. February 22, 2024

5 stars

Julia S. December 8, 2021

Comprehensive supplement

Just started using it, the dosage of 7 capsules a day sounds excessive, I would prefer less capsules with same idea of effect

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Carrie C. July 7, 2021

This works!!

I got this quails mind cf to help with memory and mood. I don’t use caffeine because it makes me super amped/anxious so I was glad to see caffeine free. I used 3 a day and noticed improvements in both memory and mood! Thank gawd. Makes me happier, more positive, optimistic, less dark and gloomy a...

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John P. June 30, 2023

Great Energy

I recently started using Qualia products and I really like them. They give me the energy I need to have a productive day.

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