Ericka F. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

6 months ago

Brain Fog is gone.. gone!

I honestly believed that after 4 kids, my brain fog was just a part of life.. but after only 1 treatment.. it’s gone!!!! And I feel like a big part of me is back. I can’t wait to see what happens with more consistent use!

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Genevachi E. June 3, 2022

Deep clean

Great ingredients! Looking forward to cleaning out some rubbish!Always love the deep dive into science with this company. They always turn over every stone

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Alexander M. November 30, 2022

Calm and Peaceful

Very happy with this product. I’ve been struggling with a lot of physical pain and this takes the edge off a bit. I love the unique dosing. It breaks up the pattern of usual supplements. I felt more calm and peaceful after taking it. I am very satisfied with the results so far. Great packaging. ...

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Traci H. March 12, 2024

Energy builder

I’ve taken Qualia Senolytic for 5 months. Each time I take the monthly dose I can tell a big difference in my energy levels the next day. It’s one of my favorite supplements & I intend to keep taking it. Bye bye, zombie cells!

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Charles D. May 31, 2023

Fast shipping

I just received my shipment and have not tried it yet. But I am optimistic. Thanks.

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