Dawn M. reviewed Qualia NAD+ | Beta Tester

10 months ago

Calm and happy energy

From the first dose I had calm, happy energy. No need for an adjustment period and no jitters. I will definitely buy this!

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Stephanie D. February 1, 2023

More stength and energy.

It seemed like it helped with overall strength in my body. I had more energy, and tasks seemed just a little easier to accomplish.

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Sage H. February 9, 2023

Great product!

I noticed an increase in energy and also much improved athletic performance. Well done!

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Ron W. February 1, 2023

Great product!

I am very pleased with the impact this product has had on my mood, energy levels, stress tolerance, and overall well being. I would highly recommend everyone try this product.

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Keila R. November 15, 2023

Feeling amazing

I can feel more energize

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