Norma C. reviewed Qualia Mind

11 months ago

Charged me again

I canceled my subscription in March and today they charged me again for another bottle two months later. I got a notification on my phone from my bank since it is a larger purchase.

Neurohacker Collective
Thank you for your review. The Customer Support team responded to you in that you had purchased two bottles in February and canceled one of those bottle subscriptions in March as noted, but your other bottle subscription remained active.We canceled the second subscription for you, and provided instructions on how to refuse the renewal order. Thank you! Feel free to reach out to the team with anything further.

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zachary w. June 9, 2022

Great product which simplifies my morning routine

I love this product. Energy, calm, clear and motivated. And having it all in one bottle makes keeping on top of all the different ingredients extremely time efficient.

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Kyle B. August 2, 2022

Constant Motivation

I wake up excited knowing that I'm going to get a lot accomplished with Qualia. It is subtle but also powerful in its effect. I use it to work on my business and produce good results at work. The extra boost helps me build my small business so it's worth every penny!

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Cody D. March 9, 2022

Great Product

The cognitive enhancement is noticeable. Certainly a game-changer

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Alexander B. May 11, 2023

Pretty good

it does exactly what it says it does, if you want heightened memory and focus you get that.

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