Tao F. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

over 1 year ago

Cleaning out the old

Senolytics are lovely ways to clean out senescent cells. I was previously taking several on their own. Qualia has put together even more, and given a clear dosing schedule. This subscription makes taking senolytics easy.

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Tom . December 22, 2023

Promising on first try

The science behind Qualia senolytic intrigued and reviews seemed to bear out the claims so I decided to give it a shot. I am something of a biohacker and have learned to monitor a supplement's effect on my body fairly well. I started the second day of my first round this morning and have already ...

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Melissa S. January 20, 2024

Senolytic discovery

I’m a skeptic. So, I tried it. I feel better. I like it. Repeat

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Meg H. November 23, 2022

feel better

This supplement helped me feel better

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Erik R. March 3, 2024

Perfecting my nutrition...

Early days, just started the first 'cycle' of the Qualia Senolytic. I like my functional medicine to be, FUNCTIONAL...so will report back once I have 2 cycles/months under the belt. I do know this- the Neurohacker Podcast is undefeated, where I found this and many other recommendations. The deep ...

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