Cory D. reviewed Qualia Mind

5 months ago

Comprehensive Mind Supplement!

Qualia Mind’s formula is very comprehensive, definitely worth the price point!

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Deneen E. September 23, 2023

Helps my brain

There has been significant improvements in my thinking, and ability to recall the words I am looking to say. I have noticed that my cognitive abilities are better while taking this.

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Luke V. June 26, 2023


Noticeable difference in my productivity level. Slight "fish burps" after consuming 7 capsules as directed per dose.

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Jon E. November 29, 2021

5 stars

Derek B. February 26, 2021

It Works

The product works very well as advertised for me. The price is worth it under the right circumstances. It helps with energy levels, focus, mood, and motivation very well under ideal circumstances. I work somewhat of a chaotic schedule and don’t get enough sleep which does hinder the affects but t...

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