Derrick L. reviewed Qualia Synbiotic | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Cornerstone of a Healthy GI System

Prior to participating in the study I was taking a probiotic/prebiotic supplement from Viome. For this trial I stopped taking that particular supplement to see if this product would be an adequate replacement and it worked perfectly.

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Diana R. June 15, 2023

One week in

I have noticed for sure it’s my stools being more consistent (in the best way possible!) The ingredientes are amazing!!!

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Taylor C. June 16, 2023

Good so far!

Gut has been feeling good since starting to drink this. Seems to be working. And it tastes good, which makes it easier to stick with taking.

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Andrew T. June 15, 2023


Has helped digestive process and mood seems better. Improves gut through multiple pathways.

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Heather F. June 15, 2023

Good Product!

The overall product is good, the only issue is the taste can be a bit bitter on its own but a splash of juice or adding it to a smoothie easily fixes that. I like that the product combines probiotics with the prebiotic fiber instead of just taking prebiotic fiber alone.

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