Gordon D. reviewed Qualia NAD+

27 days ago

Decent price

Niagen plus other ingredients at a very reasonable price.

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Linda B. February 9, 2024


I just started taking this, so I don't have much feedback, except the customer service is good, and the shipping was quick. The science looks promising for this product, and I am hopeful it will work as promised.

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Sonia P. April 6, 2024

Amazing results

I felt almost instant results since day 1 when I started taking it along with Qualia senolytic.

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Michael N. February 24, 2024

New to the product

Just started, but so far so good.

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Lisa B. April 5, 2024


I chose this product after reviewing multiple brands. No other product seems to have the formulation put together as well as this one. I’m excited to ditch various other mediocre vitamins, and replace it with this combined product for optimized aging!

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