Isabel P. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

9 months ago

Decent results but too expensive

I have been using Qualia mind only for a couple of weeks and taking 3 capsules per day instead of 5. While I didn't have that energy and focus boost that many people describe from the very first day, I am gradually more energetic and it is being much easier to sit and work than it was. So since I notice improvements, I would say that it works. On the bad side, I still think it is a bit overpriced and, while I might use it until I finish the current project I am working on, I think the price is not affordable for a constant use for average people.

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Kawika M. January 19, 2021

This goes beyond an increased physical sense of wellbeing. By the third day, I noticed I had become less distracted and able to retain concentration with less effort.

This is your antidote for taming the noise caused by daily distractions so you can get stuff done!

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Scott L. January 27, 2021

Reliably gives me more energy and focus.

Solid product that lives up to its name.

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Jacob K. January 24, 2021

I’ve tried servings of two, three, and four capsules with or without food over several days. I feel that there is definitely an increase in focus and attention, but I have experienced headaches, tight neck, tight jar, and general tension through my head and neck.I also feel more anxious and even a little shaky, especially at the higher dose. I stopped taking it for two days as recommended, and most of the tension and anxiety lessened during that time and then returned when I resumed taking the product. I may try it again at the lower dose after a few days break to see if I am able to find it does that works well for me.

Focus, but with some anxiety and headaches

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Patricia F. January 23, 2021

It made me nauseous. I did feel slightly more focused in the morning after the nausea went away, but 5 pills sitting in an empty stomach didn’t work for me and I don’t eat breakfast so I didn’t have another option to try.

I really wanted to like it

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