Liviu Constantinescu C. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago

Definitely notice a difference

I've always had trouble with supplements in that however many supplements of any kind I take, I never really notice any particular differences to anything, ever... I assume the body is getting the fish oil or whatever it needs, but goodness knows if it's doing any good. Contrasted with that experience, Qualia Mind really does make a difference. There's definitely a sense of clear-headedness and improved focus, attention and recall. That's really the highest praise I can give to a supplement. Taking off a star, though, due to the "monthly" bottle actually containing less than a month worth of pills. I understand that it's meant to be taken 5 days on, 2 days off, but if I buy a premium 30-day product, I'd like 30 "on" days worth of pills.

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Dmitriy K. September 21, 2021

Awesome product!

I have been so much more focused & driven since starting this product a couple years ago. It may be "expensive", but so is a Mercedes. You pay for quality.

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Kenneth B. November 10, 2021

I love it

I easily trail off in thought during lectures in class, and since using Qualia I’m able to stay focused throughout the entire lecture. It’s helped a lot, and I highly recommend if anyone has trouble staying focused

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Andrew P. November 9, 2018


Great product, great results especially after trying about 100 differant ones but if I take it on empty stomach which I prefer for best result it upsets my belly or else would gave it 5 stars without problem

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Steve P. July 10, 2022

Amazing Client Experience So Far!!

I haven't taken the product yet, but so far you guys have been extremely kind and award a lot of benefits to subscribers! I'm starting tomorrow and I can't wait!

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