Juan Jose C. reviewed Qualia Focus

over 2 years ago

Did absolutely nothing for my focus

I got a little rush of energy but I found that I was distracted more than normal. I was not able to focus.

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Mario G. August 22, 2021

No effect yet.

Honestly - I do not feel a difference at this point.

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Fannie W. February 12, 2022

FOCUS Review

The initial ingestion was quite powerful,feeling both physically and mentally energectic once the brief experience of irritability and impatience had passed. I kept a daily journal to record my physical and mental state as well as the intake of food. Most days I abstained from my usual supplem...

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Marc D. May 3, 2022

Feel attentive

Just beginning, but overall feel more attentive and focused.

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Matt V. March 8, 2023

Great product

This product gave me great energy and focus during the day. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a jump to their day.

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